Credit Repair Cloud Reviews – Credit Repair Cloud Training Course – Complete Master Class Review

In-depth review of the 4 Week masterclass

NOTE: Credit Repair Cloud has just recently launched a new version of its software and training and they have fully updated its masterclass 2.0 training in February of 2021. They have added more in-depth marketing and sales training modules as well as so many other perks and much more overall value to the training program while at the same time keeping the price the same as it was. We are one of the first few partners to get all the new updates and trust us, they are really good. See our in-depth coverage of the all-new Credit Repair Cloud 2.0 Software. This Credit Repair Cloud Master Class Review was just updated on 6-15-2022. This is our newly updated complete review of the Credit Repair Cloud training course and what you can expect during the four-week Masterclass.

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Credit Repair Cloud Reviews

Credit Repair Cloud is a company that was founded by Daniel Rosen in 2002. In 2002 a bank error destroyed his credit and while dealing with and correcting the issue, he decided to create the first credit repair software.

Not only did he just want to create the best software but he wanted to guide, mentor, and teach entrepreneurs how to start their own lucrative business. Even if they had no prior experience in the credit repair industry.

Watch the Masterclass free training so you can understand fully everything that is included with the Masterclass before you make a buying decision.

If you are ready to buy or want to see a quick peek of what you get (without watching the video training) then go ahead and visit this link to the Masterclass so you can directly see everything that you get pricing information.

The Credit Repair Cloud Mission

Credit Repair Cloud Reviews

Daniel’s mission and passion grew as he continued to create cutting-edge and easy-to-use digital products and software that would enable entrepreneurs (that he calls his “Credit Heroes”) to start real businesses that can help others to fix their credit and take charge of their lives.

Training and mentorship

Daniel then decided to fully train and mentor his students to help ensure their success.

Credit Repair Cloud has come up with a great solution for individuals wanting to get into the credit repair business but maybe don’t have enough experience to get a business off the ground.

The software and training are also suited to experienced entrepreneurs.

Image of a 6 week calendar depicting the length of the Credit Repair Cloud MasterclassThe Credit Repair Cloud 4-week masterclass.

Whether you have experience in credit repair or not, were going to weigh the pros and cons of what you will and will not get out of this class.

Make an educated decision

This way, you can make an educated decision while using due diligence before you purchase the product.

Take the steps to be your own boss

You can own a lucrative recession-proof business for a very small investment. Learn more about the investment and what’s included in this quick video.

Is the investment worth it?

We absolutely believe that it is a good investment. Actually, if you are considering using ONLY their software to manage your clients, we will prove why the masterclass is a no-brainer. And as of June of 2021, the value has doubled from their previous offer.

Disclosure: We are an independent Credit Repair Cloud™ Affiliate, not an employee. We may receive referral payments from Credit Repair Cloud™. The opinions expressed here are our own and are not official statements of Credit Repair Cloud™.

This Quick Video Will Show You What’s Included

Credit Repair Cloud Training Review

4 Week build your business masterclass

The Credit Repair Cloud master class is an advanced training course for entrepreneurs wanting to start a successful and lucrative credit repair business

This four-week masterclass is a complete credit repair training course that is packed with all of the nuts and bolts that you would need to know about getting your credit repair business off the ground. This is really a remarkable one-of-a-kind in-depth training and all-in-one software package that will help facilitate both entrepreneurs and (new) or established business owners to use their actionable training as a baseline and roadmap to start a successful credit repair business.

Watch Masterclass Video

Credit Repair Cloud Guarantee

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

    If you are unhappy for any reason, you will get your money back with no questions asked.

    Image of the Credit Repair Cloud 30 day money back guarantee

    Why Joining The Masterclass is a Better Choice than Just Using the Software

  • You Get 6 months of full FREE access to the Credit Repair Cloud software

    Let’s break this down:

    Option 1

    Without the MasterClass training = If you get in on the entry-level version of the software at $179 per month, (without training) you would have paid $1,074 after six months.

    CRedit Repair Cloud Software only without choosing the Masterclass

    Option 2

    With the MasterClass training  = The masterclass costs $997 for full 6-month free access to the software. But you also get the full training, a fully customizable website, marketing materials, live coaching, scripts and so much more. Keep reading as we cover all of the features a little later in this review. This is a no-brainer if you are just starting or new to the industry. If you already have experience in the vertical, you may not need the Masterclass. But you’ll save $77, so why not? It can help jumpstart your business. The only con here is that you will have to pay the $997 upfront.

    The Masterclass is less expensive that the software alone and you get much more!


    What You Get With The Masterclass

  • 4 weeks of full training of the Build Your Business Masterclass

    Get six weeks of full training with the Credit Repair Cloud masterclass

    Here’s what’s included in the 4-week Build-Your-Business Masterclass

    -> Learn how to set up your business from A-Z

    -> Examine advanced techniques on how to truly master the art of disputing

    -> Credit Repair Cloud proudly presents its new training methodologies on how to master marketing

    -> ​Learn how to truly master sales

    -> The ins and outs of running Day-to-Day Operations

    -> Training on how to recruit and manage affiliate partners and how to leverage these partners to grow your business quickly

    -> Get support and tips from the pros from the Credit Repair Cloud Community

    Our thoughts? – If you need or would like marketing materials and insights on how to generate leads, clients, and affiliates, then signing up for the masterclass is a no-brainer. Why not use a tried and true roadmap from a company that has paved the road to help many other business owners to start their own successful credit repair businesses?

    It’s cheaper than not taking the class – Because just the use of the software is $179 a month, it’s also cheaper than just using the software for the first 6 months. So why not get all the bells and whistles for less?

    The only caveat again here is that with the 6-month MasterClass, you’ll have to pay the $997 upfront.

    See a free training video explaining the course, so you can decide if the full training (MasterClass) is something that you might want to consider.

  • A Fully Developed Customizable Website

    You get a fully customizable website at no extra charge which is about a $2000 value when you join the Credit Repair Cloud masterclass

    You get a fully that you developed and professionally designed website that you can fully customize. This is a $2,000 + value that you are getting for free. You also get 6 months of hosting for the website for free.

  • 6 months of full use of the Credit Repair Cloud software is included with the Masterclass package

    instead of paying the $179 monthly fee for the software on its own, you get six months of full unlimited use of the software and hosting for free (100% completely included) when you join the Masterclass.

    The robust Credit Repair Cloud customer relationship management software includes a private label client portal. The software is extremely user-friendly and diverse at the same time. The software comes with an amazing amount of features.

    Key features include the ability to import credit reports easily, the ability to easily grab over 100+ dispute letter templates, batch printing, electronic signatures, dedicated support, developer API, business dashboard, credit dispute wizard, lead capture from your website, letter finder tool and the ability to add unlimited affiliates. There are many other core features, too much to list here.

  • Real live training with their credit repair experts

    Having a mentor or professional to lean on that is close by makes this course worth its price of admission. One thing we’ve learned from being entrepreneurs ourselves is absolutely to use a mentor instead of re-creating the wheel and losing hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars. Credit repair cloud wants its business partners to succeed. They have proof of it in their million-dollar club.

  • Professionally designed flyers and brochure templates

    With Credit Repair Cloud masterclass you get flyer and brochure templates as well as a bunch of other great marketing materials included.

    These professionally designed flyers can be branded for your company. All you would need to do is pop in your logo and pertinent comfort company information, and then send them out to get printed or get them printed online. If you need help you can hire somebody on Fiverr to create a logo, or design your own flyers for yourself very inexpensively.

  • Easy to use point and click platform

    Ease of use is definitely a plus when choosing a software platform. The last thing you want is a huge learning curve. Credit Repair Cloud is spent a lot of money in development to make the software very easy to use and intuitive. They are constantly making updates to make sure the software is state-of-the-art.

  • All done for you sales and consultation scripts

    If you have experience in sales you may not need these scripts. But in our opinion the founder of this company, Daniel Rosen has a lot of experience with credit repair. So we would be a big plus to see his inside scripts.

  • Affiliate scripts

    Being able to get affiliates underneath you to generate leads is monumental. Credit Repair Cloud can provide a lot of good insight on how to get an affiliate team to generate for your company. Learning how to attract affiliates, track their leads and sales, and how to pay them is essential when starting a credit repair business.

  • A free credit repair essentials course

    This is another course that Daniel put together. It has a $59 retail value. Definitely worth checking out.

  • Free audiobook & digital copy of Daniel Rosen’s credit repair book

    This book goes over a lot of great materials that both entrepreneurs and startups will get something out of. Credit repair is a profitable recurring revenue business that can be launched from home with just a computer, phone, and some sort of credit repair customer relationship management software. This book is his ultimate guide to starting a credit repair business from home with just a computer and a phone.

  • A step by step guide on the disputing process

    This is an in-depth blueprint on how to handle disputes and how to get almost anything removed from a credit report. This in itself makes the masterclass an extremely interesting and worthwhile investment.

  • Access to their private community of over 8,000 credit repair experts

    If you want to talk about gold nuggets, there in here. There are credit repair experts that are millionaires in this community. When was the last time you got to pick a millionaire’s brain?

    Take the Credit Repair Cloud free training to see if the masterclass is someting that you might want to pursue


  • 30 Day Credit Hero Challenge

    Join the Credit Hero Challenge for free! This is another complimentary bonus that the team at Credit Repair Cloud is throwing in with the masterclass. This challenge gives entrepreneurs the chance to get some secret inside information where they can learn how to have the mindset to execute some very important aspects of credit repair, especially when starting up.

    Week #1: Pre-Training and working on having a great Mindset
    Week #2: In week two of the challenge students will go over the fundamentals of credit repair
    Week #3: You will work hands-on to getting your first few clients and testimonials

  • Live Software Training Classes

    The Credit Repair Cloud team of professionals will walk you through the software
    The live software training will prove invaluable to learning the ins and outs of the software.
    You will learn just how easy it is to manage your client in business. No technology experience is needed
    They’ve made it very simple and easy to use!

  • Master Affiliate Sales Premium Bundle

    Here is where you get some premium sales training with their Master Affiliate Sales Premium Bundle
    They will give you some amazing affiliate scripts
    You will get their premium affiliate pitch deck
    You will also go over the Affiliate Agreement

    Another great bonus that industry expert Corey Gray will go over step-by-step on how to recruit and motivate tons of affiliates, so you can scale your business! Pay attention during this section. Having affiliates working to drive leads for you can ramp up your business growth very quickly!


  • Bonus #1 – Advanced Disputing Course

    You will have the luxury of going through their advanced disputing course
    Learn the secret to removing late payments
    Learn some amazing strategies to get rid of repossessions
    The advanced disputing course will also go over how to get inquiries removed from credit reports
    Get the inside information on how to get collections wiped
    Charge-offs class 101 will teach you everything you need to know about how to deal with charge-offs
    Learn how to permanently delete public records and bankruptcies!
    You will also go over some very interesting student loan secret
    Learn how to harness the Power of FCRA Attorneys
    Get the inside lowdown on some short sale secrets
    And much more!

  • Bonus #2 – Master Automations Training & Cookbook

    Students will get to go through the Master Automations Training & Cookbook
    An introduction To Zapier
    Learn how to fully automate the way you schedule your clients
    Learn how to follow up with your leads and clients
    Learn how to implement automated client onboarding
    Use the automations cookbook to save time and generate more revenue for your business
    Learn how to build an automated sales funnel so you can nurture your leads and convert them to clients

  • Bonus #3 – Hire a Rockstar Team Training

    You will use the time study resource to learn how to manage your time
    you will practice building your organizational chart
    Experts’ lessons on stepping into leadership
    Learn how to write sample job descriptions that you can post on sites like indeed to recruit new team members
    You will get a full understanding of NDA and Non-Compete Forms!

  • Bonus #4 – Learn how to build Business Credit

    Learn the Ins and Outs of Building a Healthy Business Credit Profile
    You will get the exclusive Credit Repair Cloud Resource – Ten Steps To Building Business Credit!
    Learn how to register your business and receive a PayDex score

Watch the Free Masterclass Training Video

A quick look at the Course Curriculum

The masterclass has 31 quizzes, 4 multimedia lessons, 36 textual documents, 51 (and growing) PDF’s and several downloads.

Here is their curriculum for the Credit Repair Cloud masterclass

The course is great because not only does it offer you everything that we’ve mentioned above but it goes over a lot of the little nuances that you’ll be dealing with and how to handle them. There’s no better way to learn than on the job and that’s part of what this training covers.

Here is a quick overview of the course:

(We have not included the whole curriculum as the curriculum may change from time to time)

Learn about the Credit Hero Challenge

You will take the Credit Hero Challenge, learn about the basics of credit repair, work the software with sample clients so you learn how to use the software, and work on yourself as a client. Yes, that’s right, you are going to fix your credit too!

Join the Credit Repair Cloud  community

Students will join the Credit Repair Cloud private community. You will then invite eight friends, family members, and acquaintances to get free consultations. You will learn techniques on how to instantly get paying clients by giving away consultations, working on fixing credit for people, and getting word-of-mouth referrals.

You will also go through the onboarding process, create and send round one of disputes for your test clients, and you will learn about the importance of being ethical and giving complete transparency to your clients.

Get your website going!

You will learn how to check in with your clients and remind them about their role of what they need to do while you are in the process of repairing their credit.

You will go through the process of creating yourself a stunning website!

You will learn how to create amazing marketing materials for your business, set up a working voicemail, set up an email address, and much more.

You will learn about the laws in your state, how to set up your pricing for your services and how to set up client agreements.

The course will also discuss refund policy options.

Learn the ins and outs of disputing

The instruction will turn to how and why it’s okay to work at home.

Then you will go through the entire dispute process by using the proprietary Credit Repair Cloud Dispute Process Blueprint.

You will also learn how to recruit more friends, family members and how to generate leads.

Monthly maintenance

You will learn everything you need to know about monthly maintenance. Basically keeping your entire shop in shape!

Also at this point, you’ll learn how to respond to the credit bureau letters, collect testimonials from your test clients and learn how to use those testimonials to get new clients!

This is definitely when it gets a little bit exciting!

Learning unique strategies on how to get leads from your test clients will prove instrumental in the future with growing and scaling your business.

Accounts receivables and more

You will learn how to collect money from paying clients, how to add Chargebee (recurring billing software) plans to your website and to your Credit Repair Cloud account.

Do you want to learn how to be awesome? This amazing training covers just that! You will learn how to be more awesome and you will learn how to get clients faster!

Bonus resources that come with the course

We have of course mentioned these, but let’s run through them again.

You get the perfect sales script for credit repair leads, the perfect affiliate referral script, the perfect client introduction email, the dispute process blueprint e-book, amazing marketing templates, and set up instructions as well as professionally designed business cards, flyers, and brochure templates.

You will also get over 40 helpful documents that cover many different topics related to the Federal Trade Commission for consumers.

Learn how to master the art of affiliate marketing and you can drive a lot of traffic to your business.

Sign Up and Get Started Now

Not 100% Ready to take the course?

Credit Repair Cloud does have other options

You may be thinking that you would like a little more information before signing up with the Masterclass.

Or maybe you are already an expert professional credit repair agent already working in the field and you are just looking for software or wanting to change your current software.

Any of these options are OK! Credit Repair Could has got you covered!

Try a 30 free trial with no strings attached

Try before you buy. Take the Credit Repair Cloud Software for a test run before you make any decisions about purchasing

Try before buy. Take the software for a full test run! This is a great way to fully familiarize yourself with the software and its functionality.

>>>>> Sign up for a 30-day unlimited free trial <<<<<

Take a free training class first

The free training will cover everything that you need to know about whether or not this is an opportunity that you would want to pursue.

If you are not 100% sure about what you want to do, we recommend that you take the free training class offered by Credit Repair Cloud before you make any purchasing decisions. There are absolutely no strings attached.

Watch the free training.

Ready to start?

If you've done your due diligence and you're ready to sign up for the Credit Repair Cloud master class you can sign up right here

If you’ve done your due diligence and you’re ready to sign up for the Credit Repair Cloud masterclass you sign up right here.

There is one last option. And here it is! It’s called the Credit Hero Challenge.

Take the Credit Hero Challenge

Take the Credit Hero Challenge for small investment of $47 to see if starting a credit repair business is really for you

The Credit Hero Challenge is another option where you pay a one-time fee of $47 and you get to go into their 14-day training program.

This is a good choice if you’re not sure if you want to make an investment for the master class just yet.

In this training, you will get a certification at completion. You will learn tricks of the trade, how to get your first customer within 24 hours, and inside secrets on how previous Credit Repair Cloud users have scaled their businesses to seven figures.

Learn more about the Credit Hero Challenge.

Keep reading to see a few other cool things that you will learn that are included with the Masterclass training!

Here are some other great points of the Masterclass training

This six-week master class is the nuts and bolts of everything that you need to know about getting your credit repair business off the ground.

You will learn how to get clients

Credit Repair Cloud training how to get more clients

The training will teach business owners how to get clients.

That’s essentially marketing 101! Without clients, you don’t have a business.

There are some really cool strategies on how to get clients quickly and easily when you are first starting out.

Learn how to generate leads and then scale your business to start making money on the fast track

These types of marketing tools, strategies, and ideas are priceless when starting a credit repair business.

How to get and manage affiliates

Credit Repair Cloud Training affiliatesBusiness owners will learn strategies on how to get affiliates to help them build their backend client base, they will also learn how to manage and pay their affiliates.

Make no mistake about it, having affiliates drive leads and sales to your company are one of the lifebloods of this business.

Once you get going, you can sign up for affiliate networks like ShareASale where you can put your business in their directory for publishers to market and drive traffic to your website.

Publishers would only get paid if you close a deal.

So affiliate marketing is a win-win the matter how you look at it.

In this credit repair course, you’ll the ins and outs of affiliate marketing and much much more!

Learn how to master the art of affiliate marketing and you can drive a lot of traffic to your business.

Credit Repair Cloud Training Course

See our in-depth review of the Credit Repair Cloud Software.

Watch Masterclass Video

An Amazing Payment Option

Here’s a great way to kick off your credit repair business career without paying a dime today.

Credit Repair Cloud Has Teamed up with PayPal Credit

When you sign up for the Masterclass You will have the option to use PayPal credit as a payment option.

By using PayPal credit to pay for your masterclass, you can take six months to pay it off completely interest-free.

PayPal Credit is a great way to get started with the training without having to spend any money upfront.

Please note: If you do not already have PayPal credit, you will have to apply during the payment process which will result in pulling your credit report. We just want to give full transparency here. But if you have decent or good credit, you will have a great chance of getting approved and you can use your PayPal Credit account for eBay or anything else that you purchase with PayPal in the future while getting six months of no interest on those purchases!

Sign up for the Masterclass.

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