The Credit Pros credit repair reviews

The Credit Pros Reviews | Actual Testimonials, Results, and Two Real Case Studies

This high-tech Newark, NJ-based company was ranked in the top 5000 by (Inc.5000). The company CEO Damon DeCrescenzo has built up quite a team of true credit experts. Here you will our 100% factual results from our experiences as well as unbiased findings, actual testimonials, and real results from some of their other clients. The Credit Pros reviews on this page are truthful, authentic, and accurate. Disclaimer: Although we may earn a commission on some of our referrals, it is more important to us to be upfront and fully transparent about our actual experiences with each and every service on our site.

  • They use the most advanced technology in™

  • BBB Accredited with an A+ rating

  • All work is backed by a lifetime guarantee

  • Each team member is a Certified FICO© Consultant

  • They do not use generic (computerized) letters

  • They show results above the industry average

  • No large upfront fees

  • Real-time credit alerts powered by Transunion

  • Call 844-694-0646 or visit The Credit Pros Website today!
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Results: Our Actual Experience With The Credit Pros

These results are actual results that our founder experienced when he hired The Credit Pros

My name is Charles Daidone and I am the owner of While I have not personally signed up for and used the Credit Pros service, I have recommended it to quite a few of my associates, teammates, and friends with terrific results. Below are two actual case studies.

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Case Study 1

The Credit Pros was able to get 15 items deleted in five short rounds of disputes for our close colleagues, Clarissa H. Her score went from 601 to 721.

Case Study 2

Another colleague signed up for The Credit Pros “success package” and had 9 negative items removed in just two rounds of disputing. A tax lien and three stubborn collection accounts were removed because of some legal loopholes that exposed inaccurate reporting by the bureaus that The Credit Pros discovered.

 Keep your expectations real when going through a credit repair programLet’s keep your expectations real: Credit repair takes time. Chances are that there will be discrepancies and erroneous information on your credit reports that can be removed easily but results cannot be guaranteed.

It can take anywhere from 2 months up to 8 months to see positive results.

The Credit Pros are an extremely professional credit repair company and they know the laws as well as the legal loopholes to aggressively dispute negative items and get and false information removed from your reports on your behalf. Just be patient. Any improvement at all is well, an improvement!

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Overview of The Credit Pros Credit Repair Program

They will get the job done

Their team will use every legal opportunity under the Fair Credit Reporting Act to demand that accurate, verified credit information be reported or REMOVED from your credit report.

Review of the Credit Pros Credit Repair program

10+ years of dedicated service

They have unmatched and unparalleled experience with challenging credit files ethically and legally by forcing damaging erroneous off of their client’s credit reports. And they do it diligently.

You get a lot of bang for your buck

They pride themselves on getting the work done quickly, in a very timely manner, and in the shortest amount of time that they can. They also offer a lot of credit education, and one on one consultations where they give strong actionable advice on how to quickly improve your credit and how to build more positive credit.

Call 844-694-0646 or visit The Credit Pros Website for more information today!

About The Credit Pros Service

Professional Team

Each of The Credit Pros team members is a Certified FICO© Consultant.

They work one on one with each and every client to create an action plan that is 100% personalized to the clients’ current situation. Their staff is incentivized to get erroneous and misleading information deleted as quickly as possible right out of the gate. This helps insure to show you immediate positive results.

They have a lot of really strong trust factors

The Credit Pros is a trusted credit repair company

  • The company founders are board members of – The National Association of Credit Services Organizations (NASCO) is a non-profit organization that protects and supports the highest uncompromising standards of compliance within the credit repair industry. This essentially means that they fully advocate ethical business practices so that you the consumer are not cheated, mislead, or deceived. For you the consumer, this is a very good thing. You can start a relationship with The Credit Pros with full confidence and assurance.

  • Almost 1 million deletions – The Credit Pros have served tens of thousands of clients over the past 10 years and are approaching over 1 million deleted negative, erroneous, and misleading times for their clients.

  • Licensed and bonded in 47 states – With The Credit Pros, you don’t have to worry about making sure that you are dealing with a fully licensed and insured business. There are many imposter companies that are not licensed, do not hold bonds, and are not compliant with their local credit repair laws.

  • Recognized by – The Inc 5000 acknowledges businesses that have shown a strong recent revenue growth. They are honored by being profiled on The Credit Pros were proudly recognized in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

  • A+ Rating with the BBB – Not only do they shine with the BBB but they have excellent review and ratings with Trustpilot and ConsumerAffairs

Best Features of The Credit Pros Credit Repair Program

The Credit Pros score improvement and deletion percentage is well above the industry average.

They offer clients the ability to get started for just $12

What Makes The Credit Pros Really Stand Out?

Vector image of 5 men with one having the spotlight on him suggesting that he stands out among his competitors

They have services that stand out above their competition

Besides disputing with the credit bureaus, they contact the creditors and their legal departments and dispute items directly with them. They get better results by doing this.

They can negotiate to settle your debt in exchange for deletions.

They can get you guaranteed tradelines to instantly help your debt-to-credit ratio

Here are some more of all of the little extras that you get which makes The Credit Pros stand out from their competition.

  • State of the art AI-powered credit repair

  • Second to none credit education

  • Disputes directly with your creditors

  • They settle debts in exchange for deletions

  • Hutton Chase $1500 merchandise card

  • Dark Web monitoring

  • Transunion® credit score and full credit report

  • They consult their clients positively

  • They consult their clients positively

  • Credit monitoring powered by Transunion

  • Real-time credit alerts powered by Transunion®

  • TCP Legal Network™ – credit attorneys on-demand

  • In-Depth Audits every month

  • CASHRULES™ Personal Financial Manager

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Pros & Cons

  • Over 10+ years of experience

  • Over one hundred thousand clients served

  • accredited

  • No long term commitments

  • Offers Identity and dark web monitoring

  • Proprietary AI-powered dispute technology

  • Family member and military discounts

  • Does not serve clients in 4 states

  • They have credit attorneys on-demand

  • Advanced iOS and Andriod apps

  • Top-level live chat & phone support

  • They share ALL documents with clients

  • Personal Financial Managers available

  • Amazing video training portal included free

  • Monthly exclusive member webinars

  • Too many pricing options

The Credit Pros Pricing | Program Cost

There are 4 credit repair packages

CreditSentry Monitoring – This program is $19 per month and it gets you your Transunion Credit score, Transunion credit monitoring, a full credit report, and their “ID Cover” identity theft monitoring service. Note: This package does not include credit repair. This package is included at no extra charge with their larger packages.

Money Management program – This package is their entry-level where you can join by paying your first payment of $119 (you only pay after they have started working on your file) and then pay just $69 per month. There are no long-term commitments and you can quit at any time. This package includes the CreditSentry Monitoring as well as identity theft monitoring, their “CASHRULES” bill reminder, and budgeting app, The Credit Pros credit repair service, The Credit Pros TCP legal and debt services, access to their National Credit Direct product where you get a tradeline to purchase home goods. WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE? —-> If you do not care about the prescription package and you want a tradeline that will be reported to the credit bureaus, choose this package.

Prosperity package – With this package, you would make your first payment of $119, and then you would pay just $119 per month. This package comes with everything that the Money Management program above does except it does not have the National Credit Direct product to buy home goods but it has instead their “SlashRX” discount prescription service where you can save up to 80% on medication. WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE? —-> If you do not care about the National Credit Direct product where you get a tradeline to purchase home goods and you prefer the prescription package, choose this package.

Success Package: This is their top-level package and you can get started at $149 per month. It comes with everything stated above. WHICH SHOULD I CHOOSE? —-> If you want both the tradeline and the medication discount, choose this package.

Here are the packages below laid out visually, so you can see them at a glance.

All packages also include:

Credit repair consultations.

Goodwill letters sent on your behalf to your creditors.

A one-on-one personalized roadmap with one of The Credit Pros certified FICO© professionals.

Cease and Desist letters sent on your behalf to collection agencies.

24/7 access to your credit repair client portal.

ID theft insurance.

Unlimited dispute letters.

Our Rating 8.8 out of 10

This is one of our top choices for credit repair. With its booming technology and focus on staying ahead of its competitors, The Credit Pros ranks in at an 8.8 out of 10!

What gives them the edge?

Their full transparency and communication where you know exactly every single thing (and we mean everything) that has been done on your case. This includes every letter sent out on your behalf, every task, file, document, and conversation is all shared with you.

Why wait? You can get started with the Credit Pros credit repair program today

Actual The Credit Pros Reviews and Testimonials

Vector image of a man giving a true review for the Credit Pros

Testimonials from real Credit Pro clients

Credit Pros has definitely helped to improve my credit score by getting accounts removed and disputing items on my credit report. I am mostly impressed with how they just recently went the extra mile to keep me as a satisfied customer when i was ready to cancel my membership. Keep up the great work.

Shayla Hudgins

Because after speaking with my representative he seemed to have all the right answers I’m needing to straighten my credit out which happens to be a mess. I’m really praying by using Credit Pros techniques by possibly this time next year my credit score will be back as it use to be. Nothing as it is now!

Debrah Gore

CP fought for us. They forced the cc companies to clean up old and inaccurate info on our credit report. This raised our score and enabled us to qualify for that illusive re-fi we had been wanting! And just before this last round of rate hikes! Thank You CP!!

Floyd Younkin

they explain what they can do to increase your credit score. how they can dispute errors. chat is available with understanding and patience, explaining in layman’s terms. I contacted them about a week ago. They can help with items you cannot tackle on your own. I haven’t seen any improvements at the moment as I began paying off items and disputing items on my own. I brought my credit score up by 27 points in and cannot wait to see how The Credit Pros improve my score even more. I don’t think I can do this on my own. Time unfolds everything.

Cynthia Sizemore

Because they are keeping me updated daily sending me emails sending me text messages letting me know what’s going on with my credit report and I think that is outstanding because when I was with the other credit repair agencies they was not contacted me at all that is why I fired them and hired credit Pros

Vincent Hellens

The website allows up to date information. Easily accessible and data can be submitted 24hrs a day. Great results were accomplished. My credit score increased from mid 600’s to well into the 700’s and still climbing..Thank you CreditPros!!

Donald Santin

I already recommend this service to others. I was able to purchase a house because of the work credit pros did on my behalf. I returned to see if one stubborn creditor could be removed, and we aren’t there yet, but I know if anyone can help get it fixed… credit pros can

Rande Paige

Credit repair is a long difficult road, and if you wait for things to correct themself its 7 to 10 years. If you want it to happen sooner you can try and fix them yourself, and as I discovered it is very time consuming. But with the credit pros they have a proven process that works. I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

Patrick Sullivan

AMAZING service! The level of care and detail that went into my credit repair process and the results so far have FAR exceeded my expectations. When I started with CreditPros I had a 574 credit score. I now have a credit score of 790 and they are not finished yet!

Rockell Colvin

The company exemplifies everything possible in helping with care and concern in a completely professional manner to achieve the mutual attained goal of improving credit scores through all means that have proven them self worry to be the company I signed up to accomplish my personal and personal status of credit worthiness!

James Wilt

5 year’s ago I needed help with my credit, I called the credit pros and talked with a representative, 6 months later I received a call that my credit score had gone up due to the work you did for me. I was contacted by Veterans Home Loans, and the rest is history. I’m living in my home.

James Mccoy

With the help of THECREDITPROS I went from bad to very good credit in a year. From less than 500 my credit score went above 700. Also very reasonable charge worth fixing credit history. Good credit gives you peace of mind so thank you creditpros

Enesa Dervisevic

Your team has always been professional, informative and helpful. My FICO scores have increased significantly and are still climbing. I’m over 700 on one and the others are getting close! I started in the low to mid 500’s.

Richard Epps

Contact The Credit Pros

  • 844-694-0646

  • 60 Park Place Suite 200, Newark, NJ 07102

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