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  • An established credit repair company

  • $79 per month (No initial charge for 6 days)

  • 100% money-back guarantee

  • Intelligent credit repair guidance

  • Professional & friendly customer service

  • Disputes 15 or more items at a time

  • Offers many extra services at NO extra charge

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Results – What Has Sky Blue Done For Us

A Note from the Owner of

My name is Charles Daidone and I am the owner of My relationship started with Sky Blue Credit back in 2008 when I fell into some trouble personally and needed help with my credit. At the time I didn’t know what credit repair was but I was lucky enough to find this company.

After I got through the program I decided to help others. All of the results on this site are the actual real numbers of deletions that were documented at the time and credit score (Fico Score) improvements are real before and after.

Real verifiable credit bureau deletion letters

The actual deletion letters posted on this site are letters from the credit bureaus that were either sent directly to myself, my friends, or my constituents. (Unless otherwise noted). See actual deletion letters.

Below is what Sky Blue Credit Did For Me 

I started the program in mid-April of 2008 and continued until January 2009, a little over nine months. I had over 60-65 negative items on my credit reports including 3 NJ State tax liens. On average, I had about 20 derogatory items on each of the three credit bureaus.

Sky Blue realized over 30 deletions for me during this time.

Tax Lien Removal!

This is the actual extremely stubborn tax lien that they were able to get removed.

I stopped the program in January of 2009 because at the time, I was building a website to help others and I wanted to try the other recommended credit repair companies that I have also revied on this site, so I could have real data and actual case studies to publish. I actually went back to use Sky Blue Credit’s service later on for a second time with good results. I have signed up at least 7 family members, over 10 friends, my wife, and 4 colleagues. This is the true story of my beginning of helping people with credit repair.

Another Positive Quick Study

In order to genuinely evaluate (and truly validate) Sky Blue’s services, as mentioned above, I referred one of my staff members and persuaded them to sign up for their service. The results he received were also great!

Within 7 months, Sky Blue was able to delete 17 items from his credit report and raised his score from a 591 to a 733 (on Experian).

A Gif animation depicting a credit score increased from 591 to 733 thanks to the disputing genius of Sky Blue Credit Repair

The numbers are real and they speak for themselves; Sky Blue is proven to work!

Another really good thing about sky-blue is that they don’t just dispute with the credit bureaus, they actually send letters to the creditors themselves! Click here to see an actual Sky Blue creditor deletion letter from American Express.

Please take the time to see all of the Sky Blue deletion letters that we have on file.

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Overview of the Sky Blue Credit Repair Program

Sky Blue is a top well-known branded company. After over 10 years (and running) of researching and trying different companies, we feel Sky Blue is the best overall credit cleaning business in the industry. Sky Blue is a very reputable credit restoration service that many of the baby boomers have role-modeled and emulated.

Get a trusted guarantee and expedite raising your score. Try Sky Blue!

Acclaimed by their exceptional Better Business Bureau rating, Sky Blue has been repairing credit successfully since 1989. By conducting numerous rounds of disputes every month or so, Sky Blue guarantees a fast-paced program with an extremely intelligent process. In addition to providing credit repair services that proven to work, Sky Blue offers its clients intelligent guidance in order to ensure a continued good credit score.

When you call Sky Blue at 888-968-6257, you can be sure to not be sent to an automated service; you will be directed to a real customer service rep! No matter which state you are located in, Sky Blue is sure to raise your score, and as always they will offer you a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!

About the Sky Blue Service

Professional Analysis of Your Credit Reports

 Sky Blue Credit Repair offers unparalleled customer service in the industry

When you sign up you will get immediate top-level service from experts that will do a deep analysis of your credit report. They are notorious for finding hard-to-spot compliance issues that could be hurting you. They do not enter you as a number into software as some other companies do.

Dedicated to personalized credit repair services, Sky Blue is a firm believer in the fact that every situation is unique. Therefore, they provide each of their clients with customized disputes, the statute of limitation research, and credit score optimization advice.

From start to finish, Sky Blue will closely analyze your credit, beginning with a line-by-line review of your credit report. Their services are not just limited to disputing errors with the credit bureaus; they will work with you to ensure that your credit score gets fixed and stays fixed. The best part is, everything is included in a low monthly fee of only $79!

How do they stack up against their biggest competitor?

There is another big player in the credit repair space and they were one of the first pioneers in the industry. We took a close look and went in deep with in-depth comparisons of both companies. See the match-up up close and personal in our case study of Sky Blue Credit for what why Repair vs Lexington Law.

What Makes Sky Blue Credit Repair Different?

What really makes Sky Blue Credit repair stand out from its competitors?

What makes Sky Blue Credit Repair one of the best online credit repair companies in the industry

When you sign up with Sky Blue here is what you can expect.

  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee – The Only Condition-Free no-nonsense no questions asked 90-Day Refund Policy in the industry

  • No Pressure – You can get an absolutely free, no pressure, no sales pitch consultation of solid advice without being pushed into buying the product

  • Everything is included for one low price – All credit repair features are included. There are no upsells or extra charges ever. This includes goodwill, cease and desist, and debt validation letters.

  • Flexible payment programs – Where you can pause and resume your service at any time!

  • Couples (partner) (friend) discounts – A very generous couples discount where you can add your partner at half-price

  • Fastest Turnaround in the Industry – 35-day dispute cycles. Competitors have a 45-day cycle.

  • Top Class Support – One of the best no pressure customer support teams in the industry

  • Top Level Education – A large collection of credit repair information chock-full of tips tutorials and much more

  • Rebuild Your Credit – Help with rebuilding your credit at no extra charge

  • A+ BBB rating – Very few complaints in over 25 years of service

  • No Long Term Commitments – You can quit the program at any time with no penalties

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Features of the Program

As one of the leading credit repair companies, Sky Blue offers a variety of helpful features. With Sky Blue, you can ensure a secure online experience. Though their headquarters is located in Delray Beach Florida, Sky Blue serves all 50 states through their online system.

Great Online Portal

They have a state-of-the-art proprietary (very user-friendly) portal where you can sign in, manage your account and see progress easily.

Absolute Best Guarantee in the Business

Sky Blue Credit Repair offers one of the best 90 day money back guarantees out of all of the credit repair businesses in the industry
No company can offer an ironclad guarantee. But Sky Blue Credit comes pretty close. There is no fine print. If during the first 90 days of membership, you are not happy for any reason, they will give you back your money in full with no questions asked. This is unheard of in the industry. It is one of the variables in our algorithm that makes this our number one choice of the best credit repair company.

They Get Stubborn Items Deleted

If you’re looking to get difficult items like tax liens removed from your credit report, then Sky Blue is your best bet. When you enroll in Sky Blue’s program, you will also receive debt validation and a risk-free guarantee.

Extra Features

Besides working quickly on your account by disputing as many items as they can at once, they also offer other services above and beyond just credit repair. They help with offering advice and giving you specific actions to take to help your credit profile and they help with actions to take start rebuilding your credit.

Lastly, they are one of the only credit repair companies that offer debt validation, goodwill letters that can be sent to your creditors, cease-and-desist letters, and debt settlement consultations at no extra charge!

Trust us, you will be hard-pressed to find this quality and value elsewhere.

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Sky Blue Credit Repair Program

Pros & Cons

  • Condition free money back guarantee

  • Personalized, not automated

  • You can cancel at any time

  • Goodwell letters at no extra charge

  • Cease and desist letters at no extra charge

  • Free debt settlement consultations

  • May take up to 6 months to show results

  • Serves all 50 states

  • Can get tough items deleted

  • Excellent customer service

  • Free credit reports and monitoring

  • They help with rebuilding credit

  • Advanced user-friendly app to track results

  • Unable to help some clients

Sky Blue Credit Repair Cost

The cost of the credit repair service offered by Sky Blue is simple. There is no Initial charge when you sign up.

Then, a Review and Setup Fee of $79 will be charged 6 days after you sign up.

You will then be charged just $79 every thirty days until the completion of your program.

This fee includes all of the great features offered by Sky Blue, and no additional fees will be added on.

If you sign up with a spouse (any couple), you will receive half off of their monthly fee so they would pay just $40 per month or $119 for the both of you!

In case you are not satisfied with their services, you are able to cancel at any time with no termination fee or penalty!

Still on the fence?

Read more about the program and find the answer to the question…does Sky Blue Credit Repair really work.

Rating | 9.4 out of 10

As our number one choice for the best credit repair companies, we give Sky Blue 9.4 out of 10!

Sky Blue is a leading credit repair company that offers quality services and results. If you’re looking for a way out of your poor credit problem, then Sky Blue may just be the perfect solution!

Best customer service in the industry

There is just too much good to say about this company. We know the owner and the team, and we can vouch for their character and ethical procedures, as well as them giving their customers some of the best customer service in the industry.

Sky Blue BBB Ratings

See Sky Blue Credit Repair BBB ratings, reviews, and accrediting information and how it all works according to the Better Business Bureau.

Review of the Sky Blue Credit Repair BBB rating

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 90-day money-back guarantee

Remember, if you are still on the fence, that you get an ironclad 90-day money-back guarantee.

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Actual Sky Blue Credit Repair reviews and testimonials

An absolutely fantastic experience from the start, brilliant and friendly. I recommend Sky Blue Credit Repair to anyone with credit issues.

Robert B

I’ve been so impressed with everything – from the customer service to the awesome results. Sky Blue is the gold standard for credit repair.

Russell H

Hi Jim. I had to take a minute to write this to you. I am forever grateful for what you and your company did for my credit rating. I promise to update you on my status and what happens with the loan that you know I have been wanting. Thanks again Jim!

Joey L.

You provided a completely satisfying experience from day one. And now, six months later, I can tell you that your credit repair service was a life saver

James R.

I was absolutely terrified when I had to approach the fact that I had horrible credit. I did not know where to turn first. I searched Google and found hundreds of results and was confused beyond comprehension. Then I found and read their reviews because they also endorsed Sky Blue. I emailed support several times before I made a great discovery. said to call the owner of Sky Blue Jim Kemish and speak with him personally before I made any decisions which I did and boy am I glad I did! Jim put me at ease, got me into the program and cleaned my credit almost effortlessly. I was approved for my mortgage almost 7 months later (could have been sooner) but my first dream deal (house) was swept from under me which was OK because in the interim of fixing my credit, I found an even better house that was almost $32,000 cheaper! Things must happen for a reason. Thanks to Sky Blue and, my Fico score jumped from a 611 to a 704.

Terry L, Lake Champlain NY

Contact Sky Blue

  • 888-968-6257

  • 6001 Broken Sound Parkway, Boca Raton, FL 33487

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