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Results – What Has Sky Blue Done For Us

A Note from the Owner of

My name is Charles Daidone and I am the owner of My relationship started with Sky Blue Credit back in 2008 when I fell into some trouble personally and needed help with my credit. At the time I didn’t know what credit repair was but I was lucky enough to find this company.

After I got through the program I decided to help others. All of the results on this site are the actual real numbers of deletions that were documented at the time and credit score (Fico Score) improvements are real before and after.

Real verifiable credit bureau deletion letters

The actual deletion letters posted on this site are letters from the credit bureaus that were sent to directly either to myself, my friends, or my constituents. (Unless otherwise noted). See actual deletion letters.

Below is what Sky Blue Credit Did For Me 

I started the program in mid-April of 2008 and continued until January 2009, a little over nine months. I had over 60-65 negative items on my credit reports including 3 NJ State tax liens. On average, I had about 20 derogatory items on each of the three credit bureaus.

Sky Blue realized over 30 deletions for me during this time.

Tax Lien Removal!

This is the actual extremely stubborn tax lien that they were able to get removed.

I stopped the program in January of 2009 because at the time, I was building a website to help others and I wanted to try the other recommended credit repair companies that I have also revied on this site, so I could have real data and actual case studies to publish. I actually went back to use Sky Blue Credit’s service later on for a second time with good results. I have signed up at least 7 family members, over 10 friends, my wife, and 4 colleagues. This is the true story of my beginning of helping people with credit repair.

Another Positive Quick Study

In order to genuinely evaluate (and truly validate) Sky Blue’s services, as mentioned above, I referred one of my staff members and persuaded them to sign up for their service. The results he received were also great! Within 7 months, Sky Blue was able to delete 17 items from his credit report and raised his score from a 601 to a 733 (on Experian). The numbers are real and they speak for themselves; Sky Blue is proven to work!

Another really good thing about sky-blue is that they don’t just dispute the credit bureaus, they actually send letters to the creditors themselves! Click here to see an actual Sky Blue creditor deletion letter from American Express.

Please take the time to see all of the Sky Blue deletion letters that we have on file.

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Overview of the Sky Blue Credit Repair Program

Sky Blue is a top well-known branded company. After over 10 years (and running) of researching and trying different companies, we feel Sky Blue is the best overall credit cleaning business in the industry. Sky Blue is a very reputable credit restoration service that many of the baby boomers have role-modeled and emulated.

Get a trusted guarantee and expedite raising your score. Try Sky Blue!

Image of Sky Blue Credit with their 100% money back guarantee

Acclaimed by their exceptional Better Business Bureau rating, Sky Blue has been repairing credit successfully since 1989. By conducting numerous rounds of disputes every month or so, Sky Blue guarantees a fast-paced program with an extremely intelligent process. In addition to providing credit repair services that proven to work, Sky Blue offers its clients intelligent guidance in order to ensure a continued good credit score.

When you call Sky Blue at 888-968-6257, you can be sure to not be sent to an automated service; you will be directed to a real customer service rep! No matter which state you are located in, Sky Blue is sure to raise your score, and as always they will offer you a money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied!

About the Sky Blue Service

Professional Analysis of Your Credit Reports

When you sign up you will get immediate top-level service from experts that will do a deep analysis of your credit report. They are notorious for finding hard to spot compliance issues that could be hurting you. They do not enter you as a number into software as some other companies do.

Dedicated to personalized credit repair services, Sky Blue is a firm believer in the fact that every situation is unique. Therefore, they provide each of their clients with customized disputes, the statute of limitation research, and credit score optimization advice.

From start to finish, Sky Blue will closely analyze your credit, beginning with a line-by-line review of your credit report. Their services are not just limited to disputing errors with the credit bureaus; they will work with you to ensure that your credit score gets fixed and stays fixed. The best part is, everything is included in a low monthly fee of only $79!

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