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Our Founder

Our company was founded by Charlie Daidone.

Charlie personally ran into credit repair issues three different times in his life. He previously had a landscape company in New Jersey and when the economy got rough and the competition was fierce, he opted to sell his landscaping company and start a new digital venture. But before that, as sometimes things out of our control in life happen, he ran into some real serious credit difficulties. He went on to try over 15 credit repair companies himself firsthand as well as many other companies (over 25) with his constituents. That was when he decided to create this website with actual unbiased real reviews.

There are a lot of bad or deceitful companies in the space of repairing credit, so getting real-valued and trusted information has been difficult for consumers.

That is why Charlie decided to help others that are experiencing credit issues. It is his passion and it is his mission.

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Thank You Google

Thank goodness for Google getting really smart about review based businesses

Because of Google a lot of the unethical review sites have been weeded out.

Charlie is also the owner of FunNewJersey.com and that was where he originally promoted credit repair companies in the New Jersey area.

He then branched out to try national companies. His staff is always been a small team of 10 or under.

Charlie’s and our mission is to assure you that our credit repair company rankings are 100% accurate unbiased, 100% real, and are created simply to help out consumers in need of advice.

Our method for ranking the companies is simple: we analyze a large variety of credit repair companies on aspects such as price, quality, and most importantly the results that we have received.

It’s important to help customers and not for customers to get scammed.

See our top picks of the best credit repair companies.

CreditRepairReviews.co does research about all the online credit repair companies and writes reviews that you can trust


We will not promote a company, nor will we provide any information whatsoever about a credit repair company unless we have paid for and we have used the service ourselves. Because we’ve had such long-lasting relationships with some of these companies, we may receive a small commission for referrals. Some companies do not offer compensation on any level, which is fine, but we will still add them if we deem them a legit trustworthy company.

Reviewing a credit repair company requires examination of a large array of qualities, and we ensure to examine every single one of them. From the company’s own credit repair website to comments from their customers, we have conducted extensive research on each of the credit repair companies that we have listed.

We even have the policy that we must interview and talk to the business owners (or top-level management) to even be considered to be added to our site.

We are constantly in the process of looking through all aspects of credit repair companies throughout the country, and constantly update our rankings when we see fit.

We can ensure our visitors that all of the reviews that you read on our website 100%real, are up-to-date, and are well-researched so that you can obtain the most valuable information out there.

We do want to make sure lastly, that we make a statement about results.

Our results were our own and unique to our financial situation at the time. We cannot guarantee results nor can any credit repair company guarantee results. And if the company does promise you results, you should absolutely not join them.

We urge all of our visitors, to use due diligence and try the companies that offer money-back guarantees.

Credit repair companies have to follow strict guidelines and the real true players that have been in the industry or for a long time realize that it’s important to help customers and not for customers to get scammed.

“Our intensive research team is dedicated to providing American consumers with the most up-to-date and accurate credit repair reviews. Essentially, we do all the work so you don’t have to! Be confident in your decision of choosing a credit repair company with our expert credit repair reviews!”

It’s About an Ethical Team: And It’s About Trust and Full Transparency

Because of our founder Charlie’s passion for credit repair, he created a small team that he trained and that he likes to call “credit repair experts and researchers”. Our small team was formed with one goal in mind: to provide consumers with accurate information about which credit repair companies they can trust and that are the best. We have heard way too many unfortunate stories about consumers investing in credit repair services from unreliable companies, and receiving very poor results.

It is not a good idea to go with the first credit repair company that comes up on a search engine search. Just because a business has invested a lot in advertising and sales, it does not necessarily mean that it offers the most effective and affordable results.

We have seen too many customers fall into the trap of choosing a company without knowing too much about them, so we decided to do something about it.

Again, however, thanks to Google most of their top results are well-known companies and very trustworthy. Much unlike the early 2000’s.

Thank goodness!

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About our Credit Repair Reviews Team

With years of experience in using and reviewing the credit repair companies first-hand, our team is confident that we are more than knowledgeable in the field and therefore highly qualified to determine which credit repair companies offer the best service at the best price. Essentially, we have done all the work for you! We have also made our results transparent by showing real results and the actual credit agency letters that we received.

We have completed thorough research on each of the credit repair companies on our site and have compiled all the results into simple lists that can be analyzed quickly. You can trust us to provide you with the best credit repair advice and reviews online.

See our top picks of the best credit repair companies.

Criteria of How We Rank the Best Credit Repair Companies

  • Real results.We use the services firsthand. We then compile the data to see who has helped us obtain actual credit repair deletions from our reports. We cross-analyze to see which companies deliver on what they advertise.

  • Experience. The amount of time a company has been in business is a huge determinant of how reputable they are, so “experience” is one of our top ranking factors. We also look to see if they are experts in their field.

  • BBB rating. Since the Better Business Bureau is a respected rating system, we take each company’s BBB rating into consideration. This is not the top metric in our algorithm, but we do put some weight on it.

  • Turnaround Time. Getting the job done in a timely fashion is very important for consumers and it is a big concern of ours. We dismiss companies that have a reputation to keep clients in the program for lengthy periods of time.

  • Guarantees & warranties.It is very important for consumers to be able to feel secure about their investment or purchase, so guarantees are another factor in our reviews. We make sure our recommended services are trusted.

  • Customer reviews. There is no better source of valuable information about a company than from its past or present customers. So we have compiled a large amount of REAL verified reviews from REAL customers.

  • Reputation. A company’s reputation is very important, so we take everything that we hear or read about a company into consideration. We also have reached out and spoken with every one of these company owners.

  • Price. Above all other factors, we are aware that price can be a huge deal-breaker for people who may be struggling. We have analyzed which companies offer the absolute best services for the most affordable price.

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