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The Money is in the Moo | Actually, “It’s the Money is in the List”

 Moosend Review:

Moosend makes email marketing campaigns easy

There is an old saying that Internet marketers have been echoing for a long time.

The money is in the list

This was true 15 years ago still stands true today.

From a marketing perspective, collecting emails is the single most important thing you can do for your business.

When you have your potential clients’ (and current clients’) email addresses, you can email them and move them through your sales funnel by offering them up-to-date authoritative information about your service, offers, and up-sells.

Don’t be intimidated by email marketing, its easy :)

Many beginning markers are intimidated by the process of email marketing.

Don’t be.

Vector image of a man being scared by an email with a ghost next to it showing how he is intimidated by email marketing

Thanks to the help of technology and some great companies like Moosend that have been able to put the processes (steps) of email marketing all under one roof, email marketing is no longer intimidating.

And we should be especially thankful as marketers for one company that has stood apart from the rest by really making the tasks of email marking super simple. We are talking about Moosend.

What is Moosend?

Image of the Moosend home page with the tagline

Moosend is an all-in-one email marketing platform. Here is what makes the platform so amazing.

Here’s some of what you get

How much does Moosend cost?

Get started with Moosend for freeIt’s 100% free

Talk about saving Moolah when you are just starting out.

With Moosend You can get started with zero Moolah!

Their free plan includes unlimited emails but is restricted to 1000 subscribers on your list.

So if you are just starting out and you want to try a platform that you can grow into, the free plan is the way to go!

There are other restrictions on the free plan and they do have other paid plans.

You can see what is included in the free plan as well as look at pricing comparisons here.

Sign up 100% for free!

Are you in the Mood to bring your marketing to the Moon?

Alright, then let’s get right into it!

And you are really going to love this.

Moosend is a great email marketing platform for beginners

Moosend Academy

They have amazing training classes!

Getting Started – They have a quick 10 lesson course on how to quickly get started with their software.

Online store creation – How to create your eCommerce website.

Ecommerce Course – 7 easy-to-follow videos so you can take your business to the next level.

See all courses.

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