Criteria of How We Rank the Best Credit Repair Companies

When it comes to choosing the best credit repair companies, we have certain criteria, metrics, and benchmarks that we use to rate each service and its reliability. The most important of the metrics are actual results and what we have experienced firsthand from us actually using each and every one of our recommended services ourselves. We also take results from others that we have recommended and we use their data in our algorithm as well. None of our reviews are from hearsay our word of mouth unless otherwise noted in our review.

  • Real results.We use the services firsthand. We then compile the data to see who has helped us obtain actual credit repair deletions from our reports. We cross-analyze to see which companies deliver on what they advertise.

  • Experience. The amount of time a company has been in business is a huge determinant of how reputable they are, so “experience” is one of our top ranking factors. We also look to see if they are experts in their field.

  • BBB rating. Since the Better Business Bureau is a respected rating system, we take each company’s BBB rating into consideration. This is not the top metric in our algorithm, but we do put some weight on it.

  • Turnaround Time. Getting the job done in a timely fashion is very important for consumers and it is a big concern of ours. We dismiss companies that have a reputation to keep clients in the program for lengthy periods of time.

  • Guarantees & warranties.It is very important for consumers to be able to feel secure about their investment or purchase, so guarantees are another factor in our reviews. We make sure our recommended services are trusted.

  • Customer reviews. There is no better source of valuable information about a company than from its past or present customers. So we have compiled a large amount of REAL verified reviews from REAL customers.

  • Reputation. A company’s reputation is very important, so we take everything that we hear or read about a company into consideration. We also have reached out and spoken with every one of these company owners.

  • Price. Above all other factors, we are aware that price can be a huge deal-breaker for people who may be struggling. We have analyzed which companies offer the absolute best services for the most affordable price.

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