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Fund and Grow Reviews | Getting Zero Interest Business Credit Lines. Is It Possible?

We feel that there is a truly amazing opportunity right here for business owners, entrepreneurs, and start-up companies. Fund and Grow can help individuals get uncollateralized Business Credit up to $250,000 even if they are just starting out. You can also get the credit without providing proof of income or your tax returns. If this opportunity excites you, keep reading.

Can You Really Get Zero Interest Credit Lines With Less than Perfect Credit?

In a word, yes. With Fund and Grow, not only is it possible to get zero interest unsecured credit lines but you can get them without having perfect credit and you can get the funds relatively quickly. This business credit will not show up on your personal credit either.

Fund and grow review of whether or not you can can get unsecured, zero interest business credit with no collateral

Business owners and investors can get between $50,000- $250,000 and they can get it even if they are a start-up business. Take a look at how easy they make it to get capital.

What can the funds be used for?

  • Investing in real estate – Fund and Grow gives you the opportunity to get business credit at zero percent to fund your real estate investments. Having funds will allow you to purchase discounted real estate when it’s available. Having funds can also facilitate you with flipping houses without coming out of pocket.

  • To start a new business – If you need funds to get your business off of the ground, the Fund and Grow program is definitely for you.

  • Funding existing operational expenses – Get 0% interest (or low interest depending on your creditworthiness) business credit when you need money to help you with your existing operational expenses.

  • Working capital – All businesses need working capital available not only for unexpected times but for times of growth.

  • Investing in your visions for the company – Having a little bit of money can help your business ideas turn into reality.  Many small businesses do not have enough money to invest so that they can grow and scale their businesses. Not having enough money to grow is one of the biggest Catch-22’s small businesses.

  • Marketing and search engine optimization – Grow your business quickly by spending money on marketing and advertising.  You can outsource your search engine optimization to an experienced firm. You can run direct mail campaigns. You can use your funds to do scalable media buying advertising campaigns to grow your business quickly.

  • Use your credit instead of cash – This is one of the reasons that really attracted us to getting zero interest business credit. Instead of coming out of pocket your own cash, the Fund and Grow team will show you step-by-step how you can use your credit to do things like processing payroll, sending wire transfers, and many other interesting situations where you would normally need to use cash.

  • Paying contractors – Why borrow at high interest or come out of pocket when paying contractors?

Get Funds Without Having to Pay Interest and Without Collateral

Being able to have access to zero-interest business credit without having to put up collateral and without income verification as well as it not showing up in your personal credit file is absolutely 1000% clutch.

Fund and Grow helps businesses to get zero interest business loans without having to put up collateral

Do not miss out on this opportunity.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Get Business Credit 

This is one of the best times ever to acquire borrow money. Even during the pandemic.

The banks are literally providing UNSECURED loans to qualified businesses that are looking to borrow.

If you are prepared, you can truly capitalize. Now is the time to do it.

Fund and Grow knows what the banks are looking for and they will get the underwriting in place for you.

What is Fund and Grow and how does it work?

Fund and Grow

Fund and Grow is a company that helps small, midsized, and large businesses as well as entrepreneurs and investors to get business credit.

The company has been helping businesses for years to get millions of dollars of zero interest funds to grow their businesses.

Simply put, once you join, Fund and Grow will go out and apply for zero interest credit cards on your behalf.

The Fund and Grow Process Step by Step

When you sign up for the service, you fill out their application and you tell them about your business and what you need the funds for.

Cartoon image of a businessman holding a briefcase going up a long flight of stairs into the sky where there are credit cards at the end of the staircase depicting the steps of how Fund and Grow will help its clients acquire business credit lines.

No income verification

The application is pretty basic and straightforward. The best part is that they do not ask for tax returns and they do not ask to verify your income. That is one of the things that we really like about this because this program works on getting you unsecured credit.

Things that they do ask for are articles of incorporation if you have an existing business entity. Your business EIN number, your business address, a current copy of your driver’s license, and a utility bill to prove your residence.

You also sign a power of attorney so that they can do a soft pull on your credit and apply for credit cards on your behalf.

They take your business information and they do a soft pull on your credit reports. They go through the reports with a fine-tooth comb, and they give you a game plan of exactly what you need to do to get approved for credit.

You will need to have decent credit at the very least to be able to get approved for cards. But they help and coach you all the way through this process. They even help you to repair your credit to ensure that you quality for funds. Learn more about credit requirements in their free business funding training.

If you have bad credit, they will help you with credit repair. If you have decent credit they will help you with your utilization ratios. If you have great credit, you will need to do much during the onboarding process.


Inside of your dashboard, after you filled out all your paperwork, you can schedule your consultation with one of their professionals.

This is where they jump on the phone with you and go over your situation in detail and the game plan about you both are going to tackle the situation to get as much credit as quickly as possible.

They get to work for you

Their experienced and talented staff then goes to work on your behalf to negotiate with creditors to get you high limit zero or low-interest credit cards.

They start communicating with creditors and banks and they work hard to get the credit cards for you. You are pretty much hands-off at this point. They will coach you every step of the way. They will even coach you when you get credit card offers in the mail and what to do with them.

The enrollment with Fund and Grow is for one year term. During the first year, they will run four separate rounds of applications so that they can get as much credit as they can on your behalf.

Typically applicants see results anywhere between $50,000 and $250,000 in credit, depending on your situation, how much you need, and your credit.

The beauty of having business credit is that business credit cards will typically not show up on your personal credit side.

The Pros (Major Advantages) of Using Fund and Grow

Image of a notebook with bullet points explaining the pros and advantages of using the Fund and Grow service when trying to get unsecured zero interest credit cards for your business

  • ZERO percent unsecured uncollateralized credit  – The loans are unsecured and uncollateralized and you do not need to verify your income.

  • Get your funds fast – You’re able to get the funds very quickly typically in 4 to 6 weeks

  • Fund and Grow does all of the work for you -The company does most of the legwork for you. You could try to go about this on your own, but their trained professionals make it a lot easier for you to get approved with the highest amount of success possible. Learn more about how they have helped entrepreneurs.

  • They will get you the credit that you need – The company has connections with banks that they have dealt with before and they are always seeking out new opportunities to get credit for qualified business owners.

  • Grow your company quickly – If you are running a profitable business and you need the cash injection for growth, then the Fund and Grow program is outstanding.

  • The ability to invest without coming out of pocket – If you are knowledgeable about investing, you can take the zero-interest business credit and invest it without having to come out of pocket

  • Build up a strong business credit profile quickly -You can build up your business credit and the overall health of your business creditworthiness so you never have to worry about getting funds when you need them.

  • Scale your available business credit -You are able to scale the amount of business credit available to you as you go along. Managing business credit responsibly helps your Dun & Bradstreet business credit rating which will allow you to get loans or funds much easier in the future when you really need them.

  • Have business credit ready when you really need it – This is a great way to build up business credit even if you don’t really need it right away. Someone taught me years ago to get as much credit as I could when my financial picture was healthy. It is much harder to try to get credit when you’re struggling, or are in debt or if your business is on a downslide.

  • Start-up? No problem – Even small businesses and startups will be able to get 0% business credit lines.

  • Liquidate to cash – Fund and Grow will show you the techniques so you can liquidate your credit into cash.

    Vector image of five arms reaching up each holding money symbolizing the ability of Fund and Grow to help business owners to liquidate their credit cards credit lines into cash

  • Help with advanced investing techniques – Fund and Grow can help advanced investors with progressive strategies on how to reinvest into secure accounts, banks overseas with foreign currencies, investing in real estate, and investing in high-yielding notes to name a few.

  • Money-back guarantee – The fee that you pay Fund and Grow for their service is refundable up to 60 days if they are unable to get you credit.

  • Great for start-ups – With Fund and Grow small businesses and startups can get credit lines of up to $250,000 with zero interest.


The Cons of Using Fund and Grow

Remember these are credit cards that have to be paid back if you use them. The loan should be used for short-term turnover. If you spread the loans too thin and don’t pay them back right away, the introductory zero percent interest rate will usually expire after a year. After the introductory offer, the interest rates can jump as high as 25%. If you haven’t turned over profit or have not paid down the card, you could fall into a little bit of trouble or you could fall into the trap of having to take out more credit zero interest card offers to pay down what you were not able to initially.

  • Use the credit wisely  – You’ve gotta know how to use this kind of credit wisely. The money can be very powerful, but you have to grow your business, turn a profit and pay as quickly as you can. If you do not have the financial know-how to use this credit safely, you could spiral into debt and it could become costly.

  • You must be careful with your decisions  – If you’re not careful you could mismanage your credit card debt and make a pretty big mess of the situation. Make sure you use the debt as responsibly as you can and realize your obligation to pay it back.

  • You will get hard credit pulls  – While the business credit card balances themselves will not show up on your credit report, in most cases hard inquiry pulls will show up on your personal credit report when you apply for the cards. This is not a huge deal and it usually is a short-term credit score drop a few points but it is worth noting. The Fund and Grow team will train clients on techniques on how to get the inquiries removed.

Does Fund and Grow Really Work?

Yes, The Fund and Grow program is totally legit. We have done our due diligence and we have talked with constituents that have used the service and it really does work.

You may be wary about them being able to get you unsecured credit lines at 0% interest, but Fund and Grow has proved time and time again that they can get it done for their clients.

They have a great team and a great program. You do of course have to pay for the service but is well worth it.

They have a lot of experience negotiating with institutions and they know the specifics of what type of borrowers that these lenders are looking for.

They are extremely intelligent and they know all of the angles on how to get you the largest lines of credit possible.

They walk you step-by-step and hold your hand and tell you exactly what you need to do to become eligible for 0% Interest credit cards with high credit limits. Doing this on your own would be a lot more difficult so it is definitely worth the fee that they charge.


See Real Fund and Grow Reviews and Testimonials

Fund and Grow Reviews

If you know anything about us at all, we here at CreditRepairReviews take our evaluations and assessments very seriously. We dig in and get to know the companies that we review and in many cases, we create relationships with the owners. We don’t want you to just take our word for it. We most definitely want you to use due diligence with any financial decision that you make.

Please take the time and read some hand-curated reviews and videos read some hand-curated reviews and videos on the Fund and Grow website.

What is the Fund and Grow BBB Rating?

Fund and Grow is an accredited partner with the Better Business Bureau since 2013.

The BBB bears witness to and affirms that Fund&Grow, Inc. meets the BBB accreditation standards.

They also attest that Fund&Grow, Inc. shows every effort in good faith to resolve complaints from their clients.

They have over 800 reviews on the BBB website with a review rating of 4.9 3/5

How Much Does the Fund and Grow Program Cost?

There are 3 pricing options for a yearly membership

All are refundable for up to 60 days

Option 1 – A one-time payment of $3,997

Option 2 – 2 payments of $2,124 30 days apart

Option 3 – 3 payments of $1,499 30 days apart

Here is What you Get 

What is included with the Fund and Grow business funding program

The DONE FOR YOU business credit program: Fund and Grow will do all of the work for you. This is what we like most about this program. You are pretty much hands-off. They do all of the digging and underwriting to get you $50,000-$250,000 at extremely low or zero interest.

A personal expert representative: You will immediately have access to their team of professionals. Their credit experts will lay out everything that you need to do that they can do their job. They will come up with an individualized plan may just for your situation. With their know-how, you will be able to get the maximum funding the lowest credit interest rate possible.

A free business entity formation: Fund and Grow will set up your business entity and get you incorporated. You don’t have to do anything except pay the state fees. After they set up your business it will go over the best strategies so that you can be sure to get credit approvals.

Free guide: A free guide to utilize business funding with no advance fees.

Credit coaching: Fund and Grow will coach you on how to get inquiries and other negative information and erroneous items removed from your personal credit reports.

Dun & Bradstreet corporate credit: Fund and Grow will show you how to get corporate credit through Dun & Bradstreet. You may be able to get up to another $100,000 business credit through this avenue. They will also explain to you the difference between business credit and corporate credit and how you can utilize both to really boost your business credit rating.

Two-for-one special: This is an absolute no-brainer! Fund and Grow will take enrollment from the second applicant you recommend at no charge. So if you have a business partner, or a family member or business acquaintance, you can help them to get unsecured, uncollateralized, zero interest credit cards absolutely free. It is a complimentary service that Fund and Grow is doing for a limited time. Make sure that you act fast so you can take advantage of this amazing offer.

Premium newsletter archive: You will get access to the Fund and Grow premium newsletter archive that is chock-full of information about credit repair and getting business credit. You also get their premium newsletter subscription free for the first month. If you stay enrolled in their premium newsletter subscription is just $50 a month but you will have access to exclusive business credit offers. You can ask one of the representatives for more information about this after you sign up.

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What If I have bad Credit?

The Fund and Grow team will be able to coach you and help you as well set you up with their third-party credit repair company to improve your credit.

One of the great things about this program is that your one-year term doesn’t officially start with Fund and Grow until your credit is in good enough shape for you to get business credit.

If you have bad credit, the overall fee for the program is well worth it.

Also, if they cannot get you funding, they offer a full refund. So you really do not have anything to lose.

What If I don’t have an established business?

If you do not currently have an established business and you have decent credit, Fund and Grow will set you up with a sole proprietorship or an LLC free of charge.

They then will set up a strategic plan to help you to get off the ground and help you to establish new business credit.

 Our Final Thoughts

Fund & Grow is a great company that has been helping investors and business owners for years.

They have an A+ rating with the BBB,

They offer a 60-day money-back guarantee

We fully endorse their program as a great way to get short-term funds to invest.

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