The Unmatched and Unbounded Guide to Marketing Tools and Software that you Will Ever Need to Run a Digital Marketing Business  

So what is a marketing tool? A good marketing tool can help you come up with a strategy or a solution to a problem or need that your business is facing. Many marketing tools come in the form of software. These tools can help you to grow your business, create products, create content and increase your sales quicker.

This is the utmost comprehensive and conclusive List Ever Created of the best inline digital marketing tools! Here is everything that you will ever need to facilitate running your online business.

Are you ready to dig in? Let’s go!

Best marketing tools for digital marketers

We have worked hard to curate this list of world-class colossal unsurpassed resources for entrepreneurs looking to run and grow their business online.

Included are many tools and software that we have tested and used for our own business.

These are the tools that every single entrepreneur and marketer should know about. We hope you enjoy it and find some value in it!

Best Email Marketing Tools | Software

This one was a little daunting because there are so many of them. And there are so many good ones.

We’ve narrowed it down to the most diverse and comprehensive email marketing software and the easiest to use and get started with.

Our #1 Pick


Kartra is by far the most comprehensive email marketing software we have used.

Kartra is our pick for the best all-inclusive email marketing software because of the so many features that it has

This email software is far superior to its competition

With Kartra you get a lot more than just an email marketing platform.

With this amazing software you got to sell products and services to their online check-out systems, you get to make amazing drag-and-drop pages, you get to build lead prospects and customers with many different tagging options, and you get their amazing campaign and funnel creation platform.

Also included with Kartra are membership portals, video editing, help desks, calendars, form building, affiliate management, and they’re all new surveys and quiz builders.

Lastly, you can do custom add-ons and integrations with their AP. You can also dig into their marketplace to find resources and tutors you can run your own agency to help other people’s businesses inside of this software.

All of these features and more are available with Kartra.

Email Marketing Tools Runner Ups

These are all not just really runner-ups as they are all really good tools in their own right.

Runner Up #1


Moosend is a great email marketing platform for creating and growing email lists. For simplicity and cost, Moosend is a great software to use to learn the ropes and to get your feet wet with email marketing if you are a newbie. Buy don’t be fooled, Moosend has a lot of advanced features too for experienced email marketers.

They have a free version Moo! (I mean Too!)

With Moosend, you can also create amazingly beautiful landing pages in a blink of an eye!

Moosend also integrates with just about any e-commerce platform, CRM or website without having to know coding or HTML!

Try Moosend for free today

Runner Up #2


Aweber is another great choice to grow an email audience. The Aweber platform is still used by many of the old-school super-affiliates. Aweber has diversified its platform recently where users can now do everything under one roof.

You get tools for email marketing automation, building landing pages, e-commerce pages, push notifications, and more.

It’s great seamless software especially if you are starting out because they have a completely free version (up to 500 email subscribers). Their paid plans are very affordable too starting at just $16.15 a month.

Best Landing Page Software

If you are just looking to create nice landing pages, squeeze pages, and sales pages, you’ve got some really good options.

Sometimes you just need a lander. Other times you may want to integrate your landing page with other software and sometimes you want an all in one option. We will cover all three options.

1. Kartra

Kartra gets the edge here for building quality landing pages and funnels. Kartra has a bunch of high-quality premade templates that can be easily edited. You can also start from scratch and simply drag and drop elements quickly to create amazing-looking pages in minutes.

You can build landing pages quickly with Kartra. There are templates for VSLs, squeeze pages, bridge pages, thank you pages, product review pages, product launch pages, webinar registrations, checkout pages, upsell pages, and more!

Kartra is one of the best marketing tools when it comes to landing page builders

Best Landing Page Software Runner Ups


It’s no secret to us digital marketers, that Clickfunnels is one of the biggest players in the landing page builder and funnel space.

Click funnels is one of the leaders in the industry when it comes to landing page and funnel building software

They have put together some of the best training to get you started right away with building your first funnel. Get started today with everything you need to build and launch your first funnel with live coaching and accountability – FOR FREE!

Best Effortless Graphic Design Tools | Visual Content Creation Software | Best Content Creation and Design Tools

There are a few in this category that are our favorites.

Canva is great to grab a quick editable template to create a web-ready publishable create in minutes for your social media accounts or for your blog.

You can also make logos, posters, brochures, infographics, custom prints, cards and a whole lot more!

1. Canva

Canva is a great program to make professional cocial meda posts quickly and easily

Canva is extremely easy to use and they have a lot of premade professional templates to choose from. They also have a free version which is always a good thing when you are watching your wallet or your pocketbook! Sign up for free and give Canva a test run today!

Best Photo Manipulation Software

1. Paint.NET –      100% Free!

No this is NOT the paint that you are thinking of. This is a real amazing FREE open source software to manipulate images, and special effects, and work in layers with unlimited undos. This software has a simple yet powerful user interface with many advanced tools as well. Consider it a free knock-off of Photoshop.

Image of a beach in New Jersey inside of the photo manipulation software tool

Note: Paint.Net will only work on windows. Click on the link below and then click on the link in the upper right-hand corner to download Paint.NET.

Best SEO Software

There are two really big players in this space and we love them both.


AHREFS by far is the #1 absolute best Search engine optimization software that we have ever used.

ahrefs is a great seo software to manage keywords and spy on competitors

AHREFS is our everyday go-to tool for managing our SEO.

You can easily find low-hanging fruit by spying on your competitors. You can see all of your rankings and backlinks. You can get content creation ideas in a snap.

See your competitors’ best-performing pages so you can try to create better ones.

You can perform full-site audits, find broken links, on-page errors, meta tag improvements and so much more.

2. SemRush

This is another tool that is right up there with AHREFS.

With SEM Rush, you can start to solve your marketing and SEO challenges with their 55+ proprietary tools and reports.

You can also get started for free!

2. SpyFu

Spyfu is an immensely useful tool if you really want to dig in and spy on your competitors.

You can search for any domain and you can see every place that they show up on Google, the Ads that they are running and have run in the past.

The software also helps you with backlink outreach making it easier to connect with the right influencers to give you those links.

Best Keyword Planning Software

Keyword planning and mining can help you to find low-hanging fruit that your competitors are ranking for so you can builkd better content than them and take a market share for that particular keyword.


SemRush gets the nod here when it comes to keyword planning and research.

Image of the semrush keyword planning tool

Best CRMS | Customer Relationship Management Software

Best Free CRM


Teams can collaborate and manage projects easily with Trello.

Trello is a really nice tool because it is spectacularly visual. You can slide tasks from row to row Kanban style.

Trello i the best free crm software

You can also use Trello for your own personal tasks 100% for free!

Best CRM for Sales (You’ve gotta read these amazing features)


Ok, listen to this. This 1 feature I am about to reveal alone makes Salesflare utterly invaluable.

You can find anyone’s email address instantly!

animated gif of the salesflare dashboard

Not only can you find email addresses instantly but your address book fills itself out for you

If you are unable to find someone’s email, simply add their first name, last name, and company and Salesflare will find their email address in seconds.

You also don’t have to worry about storing telephone numbers and email addresses or digging around for LinkedIn profiles. Salesflare automatically propagates everything for you!

The software user interface is extremely handsome too!

Best Podcast Hosting Platforms

1. Transistor

You get a beautiful built-in website for your podcast. You simply choose your design and Transistor will automatically generate a website for you! You can then embed your podcast on your website.

Start as many podcasts as your heart desires. They do not charge you more for having multiple podcasts as the many other platforms do.

Publish your podcast everywhere! Transistor helps you to do this easily!

Try Transistor for free.

Best Webinar Software

If you are in the market for the best webinar and video conferencing software, then you must give Livestorm a free trial run.

Not only are they highly rated on review sites such as G2, Capterra, and Trust Radius, but a lot of big-time marketers in the affiliate marketing space endorse Livestorm as well.

1. Livestorm

Image of the Livestorm webinar software platform homepage

Livestorm can handle many different types of events and applications including, video conferencing, video meetings, training online, online courses, webinars, podcast interviews, intimate product demos, and much more.

The browser-based application allows you to create fully customized landing pages, host all types of events with chats, and polls, and even send promotional emails and reminders to your users. Livestorm will help you to get a better audience rate and ROI on your lead generation-based events. You can try Livestorm for free right now.

If you have the time and want to dig into the software deeper with a close-up look, you can do a Livestorm On-Deman Demo right now!

Or see our full review of Livestorm and why we feel it is better than GoToWebinar.

Best Social Media Management Software

Most Affordable 

Social Bee

Social Bee starts at just $19 per month to manage up to 5 Social Accounts.

They have just recently integrated with Canva, Unsplash, and GIPHY. How is that for some added value?!

You can use these built integrations to create gorgeous graphics, and share them across multiple platforms from one dashboard.


Moderate, publish, analyze, grow – with MapoleonCat’s all-in-one social media management platform.

NapoleonCat makes it easy for you to engage and support your customers on social media.

With Napoleon you will save hours on publishing, responding, and analyzing your social media platforms.

NapoleonCat is one of the best social media management tools for business owners

Social Bee starts at just $19 per month to manage up to 5 Social Accounts.

Best Streaming Software

1. OWN3D

Oewn3D is a useful plugin where users get access to about 600 premium quality overlays, alerts, and panels.

This growing company is extremely competent in working on design packages and ad ons for all of your streaming needs.


With Onestream, you can create & live stream real-time & recorded videos.

You can also go live or schedule recorded video streams to 40+ Social Media platforms at once!

Best Lead Capture and Conversion Tools

1. OptinMonster

OptimMonster makes converting and monetizing your traffic easy. You will not lose so many visitors anymore as you instantly grow your email list. If you want to get more leads and increase your sales, OptinMonster is the way to go! You’ll get lightbox popups, floating bars, scrolling boxes, gamified spinning wheels, exit intent detections, and hundreds of professional templates.

2. Kartra

Kartra is right up there when it comes to lead capture software. With Kartra you’ll get gorgeous lead capture forms, custom fields, lead tagging, and automation rules with email/MS marketing built right in. Kartra also has some of the best deliverability rates in the industry.

Best Lead Generation Tools

1. systeme

systeme is an affordable all-in-one lead generation tool that is light years above its competition. It is also very affordable. They have a lot of great training and support. Now you can finally fully automate your digital marketing business.

Take a look at all of the features!

Image of the systeme home page

You can get started with systeme for free.

You can also get free access to their online course on how to make your first $1,000 online.

2. Leadpages

With Leadpages you can quickly and easily create websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and more. You can create and publish very nice-looking landing pages in just minutes.

Lead pages is ideal for small businesses that want to connect with their audience, collect the leads, and ultimately close some mighty sales. Just like

3. Unbounce

Unbounce makes it easy to create beautiful functioning landing pages that truly convert. They also have a relatively new feature where you can write high-quality copy with their Smart Copy AI feature. Forget about ever having writer’s block again. Now you can build sales pages and catchy taglines with ease.

Best Chatbot Software

1. Conversiobot

Conversiobot will explode conversions on any website. You can generate leads with a single line of website AI bot code. Now you automatically generate massive numbers of quality leads.

Best Data Reporting and Analytics Tools – Add Statcounter

1. Statcounter

With Statcounter, you can watch your visitors in real-time. You can even watch a video of what they are doing in real-time! You’ll get different metrics than you will with Google Analytics, so we suggest that you use them both to manage your incoming traffic. Statcounter has both free and paid versions.

Image of the Statcounter homepage

2. Google Analytics

Well, what can we say here? It’s the big boy of analytics and it’s free.

3. Zoho Analytics

With Zoho, you can analyze your data, create stunning data visualizations, and discover hidden insights, all within minutes. Zoho has been around for a long time and it just keeps improving with time.

Best Digital Asset Management Tools

Just in case you are not 100% sure what Digital asset management (DAM) software is, it’s a tool that basically lets you manage all of your digital assets. This software tool stores organizes and disperses media files to a central location. The most common files are photos, audio files, video files, documents, and presentations.

1. Box

With Box, you can finally truly simplify how your work. You’ll get secure collaboration with anyone, anywhere, and on any device. They have advanced security controls built right in t keep all of your data 100% safe.

2. Bynder

This is a digital asset management platform that helps you to create, review and approve content all in one place. Now you can centralize and manage all of your digital assets in one place.

3. Google Drive 100% Free!

With Google Drive, you get secure access to all of your content. You can store content, share content and collaborate on files and folders from your computer or mobile device. Google Drive also has built-in protections against malware and spam. And the best part? It’s free!

4. Filecamp

Manage all of your digital assets in the cloud with Filecamp’s sleek easy-to-use interface. You can keep all of your images, stock photos, files, and documents in one centralized place. You can style Filecamp with personalized branding. It;s so easy to use that you will not have to train your employees to use it. It’s that intuitive!

Best Blogging & Content Creation

1. WordPress.Org

WordPress is arguably the most popular open-source blog-building platform on the planet.  platform.

2. Squarespace

Squarespace offers a free trial with no credit card needed but to get all of the bells and whistles, you would have to choose a paid plan. Plans range from  $12 to $40 per month. They have a lot of powerful blogging tools and they are always adding more. They also have built-in SEO tools and analytics

3. Kartra

You can build gorgeous websites with Kartra’s beautiful drag-and-drop templates in minutes.

Best WordPress Plugins

1. Updraft Plus

2. MonsterInsights

Best Ecommerce Software

If you want to get involved with e-commerce, there are more than a couple of really really good options.

1. Kartra

Kartra is a great platform to sell products and services online directly through their fully secure and handsome checkout pages. With Kartra you can set up a store very quickly and you can start to accept credit card payments and Paypal payments easily.

2. Spocket

Sell products easily online with Spocket.

For a fully automated dropshipping solution, Spocket is the way to go. Spocket allows you to choose the best products to sell from, thousands of dropshipping suppliers all over the world. See a full review of Spocket!

Best Event Management Software

Event management platforms help you to plan, manage and streamline your entire event process. Whether you are having a huge conference or a small company meeting, these are our picks for the best event management platforms.

1. EventBrite

2. GoTo Webinar

3. attendify by hopin

Best Paid Advertising Management Software

1. Wordstream

Best for PPC management. When I first started with Microsoft ads I hired Wordstream to help me set everything up. Wordstream is a great service for individuals that are just starting out with advertising. They will do a zoom meeting with you and set everything up with you. They have different plans and affordable pricing. It is a great company with great customer service and I highly recommend using this service for your pay-per-click and Facebook advertising needs.

Image of the Workstream home page

2. AdEspresso

Best for Facebook ad management. AdEspresso supports Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads campaign creation. Creating and managing all of your ad campaigns in one place has never been so easy.

Best Course Creation Software

For course creation and management, Thinkific is the only course platform that you will ever need. And we mean ever. Now you can finally turn your expertise in your field into a revenue-making machine on autopilot!


Torn your expertise into your very own thriving business with THINKIFIC

If you want to design exceptionally beautiful and professional courses online without any coding whatsoever, you’ll love THINKIFIC!

With hundreds of easily customizable features and you having full control of your unique content and pricing, what is not to love about THINKIFIC?

You get full support and you 100% own all of your assets.

2. Learnworlds

Learnworlds is a very popular platform to create and sell online courses from your own website.

3. Kartra

Kartra makes the list again. Their all-in-one platform literally does it all and their course creation software is one of the best we have seen!

Best Membership Site Software

1. Kartra

Kartra is untouchable in this category if marketing your membership site is high on your agenda. Karta has all of the tools that you need which are built right into their platform to fully market and grow your membership site. They have one of the absolute best (and highly intuitive) sales funnel builders and email marketing platforms in the entire digital marketing world. You can also create coaching programs, podcasts, and any type of course. Kartra comes with easy-to-setup Stripe and Paypal integrations too.

2. Kajabi

Kajabi makes it easy to create content, membership site, online courses, coaching programs, podcasts, and more. Kajabi also offers marketing support to help you grow your customer base.

3. Teachable

If you are ready to share what you know with the world, you can start a thriving business with the Teachable platform. Many creative entrepreneurs have started their coaching and online course businesses with Teachable. They have a free plan as well as advanced paid plans.

Best Payment Gateway Software

1. Paypal

I have been using Paypal for over 15 years and I love their Payments pro and virtual terminal. It’s easy to sign up and get approved for a merchant account. One of the best features is their working capital loans that you can take out without a credit check. You apply online and if approved, you get your funds the same day instantly. You then pay back a percentage of the loan with every payment that you receive.

Best Surveys and Quizzes Software

1. Kartra

There is a reason that Kartra keeps showing up on this best of the best list and that is because they have so many features under one roof for 1 price. You will save a lot of money by just having to pay for one platform for so many features. Their surveys and quizzes feature was just added in the late summer of 2022. On the survey side, you can send your leads to a questionnaire to fully profile and segment them with custom tags or to perform a statistical analysis of your market.

With the quizzes, you can perform tests to see what kind of knowledge your leads have. This is s great tool if you are creating a training course.

2. Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a global leader in the survey software industry. It is probably the #1 most popular online survey tool used by many marketers. It’s extremely easy to use too!

3. Typeform

Typeform is another big player in the quiz space. The Typeform platform makes it easy to create custom forms, surveys, and quizzes that people actually like engaging with. Their philosophy is to ask one question at a time just like having a real conversation. This keeps your visitors engaged and you will get more thoughtful responses and better completion rates.

4. Jotform

With Jotform you can make powerful creative forms and accept payments right through the form. The Jotform user interface is very pleasing to the eye and creating forms is very intuitive. You can build forms very quickly and you can integrate them with your business apps with their 150+ integrations.

Best Affiliate Software

If you need to start an affiliate program for your product or business, you are going to need an easy-to-use affiliate tracking system/

1. Kartra

Kartra’s affiliate software allows marketers to incentivize their partners to build their businesses in ways that other affiliate software just does not measure up to. It’s easy to set up affiliates, communicate with en, and ultimately pay them.

2. Affiliatly

Affiliatly is a top choice for tracking e-commerce stores. It is also very intuitive and easy to use.

3. LeadDyno

LeadDyno has everything you need to get your affiliate program off the ground. It’s easy to set up and manage too. LeadDyno Works on any website and installs in just minutes.

Best Outsource Platforms

You do not need to hire a social media manager, email marketer, developer, or content writer anymore. You can now just outsource it!

1. Fiverr

Get tasks done that you need to get done on Fiverr for as little as $5!

Use this below to search for anything you want

Best Project Management Tools

1. Hive

Now you can easily visualize complex timelines while mapping them out in Gantt view or Kanban View. Hive is a good alternative to Slack, Asana, Monday, Hangouts, or Microsoft Teams. You can video chat or talk in Google Meet or Zoom.

 Our Final Thoughts

You need to run your digital online business as smoothly as possible. You need effective and affordable marketing tools.

Not all software is built equally.

We hope our own hands-on experience with these tools and our in-depth research and reviews have made it a little easier for you to choose the best tools for your business.

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