Sky Blue Credit Results – Actual Sky Blue Credit Repair Deletions For Their Clients

Can sky Blue Credit Repair actually get negative items deleted for their clients? Yes. See here on this page a compilation of actual Sky Blue deletion letters. Simply click on the images to see the full deletion letters open up in a larger window. Sky Blue Credit has deleted many items for its clients including civil judgments, collection accounts, credit card charge-offs, and even bankruptcies. They have a long history of showing their clients’ real results. Take a moment and view their website. Or to see more information and our actual findings that we have experienced with Sky Blue Credit, see our full review.

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Sky Blue Credit Will Get Items Deleted From Your Credit Reports

Getting items deleted from your credit report like the samples above can significantly improve your credit score. When Sky Blue Credit disputes with the credit agencies on your behalf, the agencies will send back letters just like the ones above with the results.

When it comes to getting the results letters from the bureaus, four main things will happen.

1. They will either verify that the information is correct. In this case, they will not make any changes at all to your credit report.

2. They will update the information and put a notation of “new information below”.

3. They will notate that the items are no longer currently showing on file, which by the way is very good because if it’s not a direct deletion it probably most likely has fallen off and is not showing in your file anymore.

4. And lastly, they will delete the derogatory off of your credit file. This is exactly what you are looking for!

The last option above getting a deletion is obviously the most recommended option!

See our full review of Sky Blue Credit or take a look at their website for more information.

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