Legendary Marketer Review
Full review of the Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Legendary Marketer Review | A look Inside The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge  

Legendary Marketer is a business that is owned by CEO Dave Sharpe. Dave is a long-time marketing entrepreneur in the digital marketing space. When reviewing the company, we discovered that the well-respected and well-known (from Shark Tank) marketing and sales guru, Kevin Harrington is a partner that has teamed up with Dave’s company. That alone caught our attention. The company offers a full suite of many different types of online marketing courses and products that are, in our opinion, some of the best most in-depth instructional courses available anywhere either online or print. The courses are also very affordable and the value that you get for what you pay for is an absolute no-brainer in our opinion.

We are going to start with a review of one of the courses.

Business Builder Challenge

The Business Builder Challenge is a 15-day online course that was created by Dave Sharpe and his company Legendary Marketer.

The Legendary Marketer 15 Day Business Builder Challenge course costs just $7.

We purchased the course and ran through it in its entirety so we could create this honest, upfront birdseye review of what you can expect should you decide to take it. You can jump in and start the course for just $7 right now.

After you sign up, you can choose to do the training on your own or you can have help from a business plan advisor that will answer all of your questions, guide you through the course and also help you with a customized business plan.

Let’s get right into this!

Legendary Marketer Review

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links to products that we have purchased, used on our own, and have fully tested. If you use these links to make a purchase we may earn a commission. Thanks.

Were going to start from the very beginning From Day one of the course and go straight through to day 15!

The 15 Day Course Broken Down Day by Day 

  • Day 1

    Understanding Sales Funnels

    In this first video, students will learn the difference between a website and a sales funnel. A website is your best tool to build content but a website is really not set up to collect leads and sell products. What you want to do is build a funnel where you collect email addresses in exchange for giving something of value for free to your visitor. What you are giving away to your visitor is called a lead magnet.

    In this video, Dave explains how after the customers opt-in for your free gift, they are sent to a sales page.

    This is essentially where you are trying to get the customer to buy your product.

    There should be no other distractions on your sales page for the customer to click around and potentially leave. That’s why sales pages do not have top navigational menus. All you really want on your sales page is strong copy about your product, maybe a video, and a call to action button. Dave explains strategies on how to upsell clients who have converted on purchasing your first product. One obvious upsell is to offer a discount on multiple products. For example, if you are buying a bottle of barbecue sauce, your upsell could be by six bottles and get one free. on this upsell you will make more money per sale.

    The Value Ladder

    The training then moves on to talk about The Value Ladder. You can think of The Value Ladder as your product line. The more value that your product offers the higher the price you can charge for it.

    The lesson is very interesting in the fact that it explains how your funnel is primarily used to cover the costs and pay for your advertising. You really don’t want to worry about making a profit with your funnel. You want to use it so that it pays for your advertising and you get a customer. Sometimes you can break even with your funnel and sometimes you might even lose a little bit of money. You will make money on your upsells and by using The Value Ladder.

    The lesson also touches on the actual steps of a funnel which begins with traffic. Essentially you send traffic to your affiliate opt-in page, which then can go to an affiliate bridge page, then it would take your visitor to the product sales page with either, one, two, or three product upsell pages.

    But it doesn’t end there.

    After the initial sale, you now have their email with can try to upsell them into subscription products, high ticket products in other affiliate offers. So the whole purpose of these back in sales is to make your real profit.

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  • Day 2

    “The Core 4” Business Model | The Top High Ticket Models Online

    This lesson starts off talking about mentorship and how important mentorship is when you’re trying to build and grow your business. One simple nugget from a successful person can change the trajectory of your whole life!

    Profit Activators

    Dave then discusses how he’s done over $200 million in sales online ONLY using business models that have all three “Profit Activators”.

    1. Get more customers. You need to find more people to sell your product or service to.

    2. Do repeat business with the same customers.

    3. Sell higher ticket products to increase revenue.

    “High Leverage High Ticket

    1. It must be location independent so that you can do it from anywhere anytime

    2. It must be online minimal overhead

    3. It must be easy, lucrative, and fun

    4. It must have all of the profit activators

    What are “The Core 4” Business Models?

    You can start with just one of these or you can use them all in conjunction.

    1. Affiliate Marketing

    2. Digital Products

    3. Coaching and Consulting

    4. Events (Live Seminars) and Masterminds Blueprint

    Here are the five things to look for when choosing an affiliate marketing offer.

    1. Product Value – The product must have value and people must want it.

    2. Good Margins – There should be high enough margins on each sale so that you can make good money without having to sell thousands of products.

    3. Tracking – The affiliate program must have solid tracking and cookies that last a while.

    4. Marketing material – The affiliate should provide you with awesome marketing material including banners, email swipes and, high converting sales videos and sales funnels.

    5. Integrity – Does the affiliate company have a good reputation do they pay their affiliates on time?

  • Day 3

    Steph Builds a Business in 30 minutes

    In this lesson, Steph Perez (One of Daves marketing girls) builds an actual funnel to show you how you can get an affiliate offer ready to take on traffic.

    One of the biggest mistakes that Dave sees affiliates make, is to go right from traffic source directly to the product sales page. This is not the right way to do it because in this scenario you do not get to collect the email address of the visitor.

    The first thing Steph does is go into Warrior Plus and she takes out an affiliate offer. In this training video, she picked “Piggyback Payday”.

    Then her first tip was to make sure that you have congruency with your capture page (Bridge page) and the sales page of the affiliate. You want the feeling and design to be similar so that the visitor can go through the funnel seamlessly.

    Steph then proceeds to go inside of Click Funnels (which is a funnel-building software) and she starts building a funnel to collect email addresses.

    She gives a lot of insights during the process and she shares her screen so you can step-by-step how she goes through the process of building a funnel from scratch.

    She builds a capture page and a thank you page and then sends her lead to the offer.

    She then goes through the funnel just as a visitor would.

  • Day 4

    How to Master the Inner Game of Wealth

    Dave talks about having the right mentality, emotional state, and spiritual conditioning as well as grooming your relationship with money.

    Dave shows a video clip of Dr. Bruce Lipton who talks about how our minds are programmed from childhood. He discusses how 95% of our life is the subconscious and only 5% of it is conscious. He explains why the rich stay rich and poor people stay poor.

    He talks about a simple solution where you just look at yourself and identify where you’re struggling. Whatever you are struggling with is inevitably a program that you need to break in your subconscious that doesn’t support that destination that you are looking for and that is why you continue to struggle with it.

    To overcome this, he goes on to say how you need to put new programs into your subconscious mind.

    To train your subconscious mind you need to have repetition.

    One great tidbit I got from this video with the following quote:

    “A question opens the mind and a statement closes the mind”

    So if you are wanting to get something that costs money.

    Ask yourself “How can I achieve this get it done quickly?”

    By asking yourself that question opens up your mind that you can actually achieve your goal.

    The flipside of that is saying something like “No I can’t do that I can afford that.”

    Making a statement like that will close your mind.

    This lesson #4 of the training is well worth the $7 price of admission for the entire course. There is some secret sauce in here on how to recondition your brain to think positive so you can ultimately achieve what you want.

  • Day 5

    Developing a business plan

    The lesson opens with a quick video from a motivational speaker Eric Thomas that sends the following message.

    “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful.”

    After that video and a few words from founder Dave Sharpe, you are prompted to attend a “Business Plan Class.”

    This lesson is a little bit intense as it is a two-hour lesson with Dave.

    In the first half of the lesson, you will learn how to write a quick business plan.

    Then as the “Business Plan Class” training continues, you’re going to learn why right now is the best time to tap into the multi-billion dollar online education industry.

    You also are going to learn how to create your first six-figure online marketing business plan and how to go from learning to earning to get your first commission fast and then how to scale it from there.

    In the second half of the training, Dave offers help for students.

    It is essentially a sales pitch for anyone that wants to be fully mentored and coached on the fast track to success.

    There are three courses to choose from

    —> Business Blueprints Starter Package

    —> BUSINESS BLUEPRINTS And mastermind


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  • Day 6

    Dave goes over questions and answers

    Dave addresses some concerns from new affiliates that are wondering if they can do well and succeed even if they have no prior experience.

    The answer to this question is an absolute yes. When signing up for one of the business blueprints, students will be trained on many different aspects of digital marketing. One of the beautiful things about the course is that you don’t need to have any tech or marketing experience. The steps are laid out in a 100% actionable manner.

    Students will actually be handheld and shown how to create Facebook ads, how to do copywriting, how to build funnels, and everything else related to online digital marketing. Coaching and support is always available.

  • Day 7

    When Should I Quit My Job to Start My own Business

    Nathan Lucas discusses his move from his career in the military to becoming a full-time internet entrepreneur.

    His advice is to build up your internet marketing business on the side until you are making enough money to quit your full-time job.

    Nathan gives some great honest testimony of his journey. Growing a business takes time and a lot of hard work. But if you put your hard work in, you will eventually be able to leave your day job and go full-time on your digital marketing business.

  • Day 8

    What are High-Income Skills and Why do you Need Them

    Dave defines a high-income skill as one that has a lot of leverage and one that can make you a lot of money.

    If you learn a skill that people need, you have a better chance of becoming successful.

    It is a good lesson because it makes you think about what skill set that you want to learn and excel with so that you can leverage it in your business and make a lot of money.

    Dave also discusses the difference between a useful skill and a high-income skill.

    Some high-income skills include copywriting, Online Course Creation, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, and of course Affiliate Marketing.

    In the next three lessons, Dave will dissect 3 high-income skills.

  • Day 9

    High-Income Skill #1 – Lead Generation

    The ability to generate traffic and leads into your sales funnel is probably the #1 biggest high-income digital skill in the current times (the 2021- 2030 era).

    Dave shows a great video of an interview with lead generation master Mark Harbert.

    Mark discusses how to identify the problem that your prospect is facing and how to solve it for them. He also talked in-depth about putting yourself into your customers’ shoes which is going to help you truly understand who they are and target them way better.

    There is a lot of great material in this lesson.

  • Day 10

    High-Income Skill #2 – Copywriting

    The true art of copywriting is the ability to write persuasive words.

    Mastering the art of copywriting will help you to write great ads, emails, sales pages, and review-based copy.

    In this lesson, Dave shows a clip from Steph Perez again where she focuses on a training session where she specifically discusses the are of writing persuasive email copy.

    She also discusses the 4 major things that must happen to get conversions (sales)

    1. The email must get delivered

    2. The email must get seen

    3. The email must be read

    4. The links in the email must be clicked

    She then moves on to explain the correct way how to write the subject line, the opening sentence, the story, the lesson learned, and the call to action so that your email gets read and the customer clicks over to your offer.

    She goes on to discuss how to write the subject line, the opening sentence, the story, the lesson learned, and the call to action.

    As the lesson progresses Steph covers the six types of hot selling emails

    1. Story

    2. Checklist/Tips

    3. Question/Answer

    4. Controversy

    5. Popular References

    6. Curiosity

    Lastly, Steph talks about engagement

    1. Send emails daily

    2. Always be pointing to your offer

    3. Create a compound effect

    4. Constantly plan ahead

    5. Repurpose your email content and use on your Facebook page or ads

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  • Day 11

    High-Income Skill #3 – Sales and Presenting

    Day 11 of training proved to be a real treat!

    Dave interviews his partner Kevin Harrington about Kevin’s sales process tease, please and seizes.”

    Kevin talked about how you can get your prospect’s attention by teasing them with an offer that can solve their problem. Then he talks about how you solve their problem by pleasing them by showing them case studies and testimonials and the like, and then seizes when you close the deal.

  • Day 12

    What to Outsource

    Dave discusses how lead generation, copywriting and sales are high-income skills and if you do not have the experience to do handle these tasks effectively, then in the beginning you should simply outsource them.

    You can also outsource your funnel building if you do not have the skillsets to do them right now.

  • Day 13

    Using Other Peoples Money to Build Your Business

    Dave talks about other entrepreneurs that borrowed money to get their businesses off of the ground. Interestingly enough, according to Dave, the three entrepreneurs that started Starbucks invested around $1,300 each and they took a $5000 loan out from the bank. Starbucks grosses over 10 billion dollars a year! Not bad for an initial investment under $10,000!

    Dave also delivers some great ideas on how to raise capital for your business so you can outsource professionals to help you with marketing and placing ads so you can get your business off the ground faster by getting leads and customers right away. You don’t have a lot of funds you’re going to need to be creative to get capital so you can also invest in yourself and your education.

    You can also download a checklist with over 30 ideas on how to get business funding.

    We can also recommend and endorse a great company called Fund and Grow that can help you to get instant business credit.

    With Fund and Grow, you can get $50,000 – $250,000 business credit lines and business cards at 0% interest.

    They do all of the work and underwriting which means they apply for the loans for you. You do not have to do anything.

    Here is what Fund and Grow can do to help your business get funding

    Get $50,000 – $250,000 business credit lines
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    No financials
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    No collateral
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    No debt to income ratio
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    A quote from Tony Robbins

    Here is a great quote from the great Tony Robbins. “It Is Not The Lack Of Resources That Causes Failure, It’s The Lack Of Resourcefulness.”

  • Day 14

    How to Avoid Wantrepreneur Syndrome

    You need mental conditioning to reprogram your subconscious mind to develop a better and healthier relationship with the way you think about your ideals pertaining to money and success.

    Your victory of success is not going to come overnight but it will eventually come with a lot of small wins.

    The lesson ends with a clip from Eric Thomas where he discusses how to keep your head down and keep going. Building a business is not easy and does cause pain and there are many people that cannot endure the struggle and they want to quit. Eric’s message is to keep going.

    You have to discipline yourself. Get up earlier and start to work. Just do what you have to do and work hard every day and get the little wins.

    The video ends with a John Elway quote.

    “I became great by being good over a long period of time”

  • Day 15

    Dave talks about his experience with MLM (multi-level-marketing). The first commission check he ever received was for $2.50.

    He then goes on a motivational speech about getting your first sale. He emphasizes that the first sale is always the most difficult.

Start the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge

Legendary Marketer

Legendary Marketer offers many different types of structured and custom courses for students for every experience level.

Other Legendary Marketer Digital Marketing Courses

Insiders guide to affiliate marketing e-book – This e-book is jammed with over 90 pages of affiliate marketing secrets! This e-book is just $1.99.

How to get free leads using Tik Tok – How to get free leads using Tik Tok – This is an absolutely amazing course that costs just $1. The course offers very specific strategies on how to find endless ideas for content, setting up your profile on Tik-Tok, and how to start generating leads on their platform right away.

Copywriters Playbook – Learn professional tips and tricks to grow your skills as a copywriter so that you can write persuasive content on your blog as well as high-performing social media ads. Get it now for just $1.

 Our Final Thoughts

The 15 Day Business Builder Challenge is definitely a no-brainer.

It is a great course that covers a lot of material for just $7 dollars.

We have a lot of experience with digital marketing and we learned quite a few things by taking this course.

We were able to do the course in about three 6-8 hour days. But you could take the course at your own pace.

There is also something very motivating about Dave Sharpe and his speaking. He is definitely down-to-earth and the real deal.

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