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Trustworthy Credit Repair Companies in NJ – Services Based in (or Specializing) in Helping NJ Residents With Credit Problems is a New Jersey-based business. Our reviews are primarily national, but because we are rooted here, we have taken the time to actually use some of the NJ based services firsthand and review them. It will be noted as you read our reviews whether or not we have had a relationship with the company or not. Some of these companies are not New Jersey-based but we have collected data on how they helped residents of NJ. Because we are sharing results of the positive relationships that we have had with these companies, we may receive affiliate commissions on our recommendations as a small reward of the positive advertising and promotion that we are doing for them. We do not have relationships with all of the companies that we list. But we will still absolutely add them if they are deemed worthy. Our promise to our visitors is that it is ALWAYS about the results.

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Although Sky Blue Credit Repair is located at 131 N Swinton Ave in Delray Beach, Florida, they do serve New Jersey residents as well as consumers nationwide. Sky Blue is a well-branded firm that has served thousands of NJ residents over the years. Our site owner founded and and has researched many credit repair companies over the past 12 plus years and is confident that Sky Blue Credit is one of the best overall credit repair companies period. See actual Sky Blue Credit deletions.

Proudly serving NJ residents for over 15 years

This is by far, one of the best credit repair companies serving NJ as well as all of the United States. Give Sky Blue Credit a call today at 888-968-6257 or take a moment and visit their website for more information. See our full review of Sky Blue Credit.
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List of Every NJ based credit repair company

Clean Slate Credit Solutions

Clean Slate Credit Solutions
331 Newman Springs Road, Suite 143, Red Bank, NJ 07701

Again, we are not affiliated with Clean Slate Credit Solutions. We can conclude from research, that they are an actual legit credit repair company with a real on-site staff, but we can’t vouch for the results that they may or may not be producing right now. One of the first things that we noticed, is that they have a slight branding problem. Their website address is, but as soon as you land on their site you see a trademarked name “got credit?”.

On their about us page, it says “meet the got credit support team”, but then again to contact them their email address is [email protected]. We get it, they are just trying to brand their slogan, but it does create some true brand issues. This is not to say that they are not a very good company. It’s just an observation.

This is another company that we have heard good things word-of-mouth about.

From the little research that we have done, it seems like they do have a bigger contribution to give out. This is great for their marketing perception. It seems like they really want to help people in need. They’re willing to help students that have erroneous information on their credit reports for free. Their pricing also seems fair. It could add up over time as described below in our pricing section, but you are getting what you’re paying for, and that makes it a very interesting program.

As our company grows, we will create a relationship with them, and we will have one of our team members use the service, and of course, we will publish the results here.

A different kind of credit repair model

Well, there definitely are quite a few things that we like about the pricing model. One that is pretty straightforward. It is not a very common model that they use these days for credit repair.

The model is that customers only pay for items that get deleted. We have had some experience with this model with other companies, and companies of our own where it didn’t work so well. The problem is that when you do get the deletions done sometimes your customers won’t pay. If you can overcome that hurdle, then well this company is running down the home stretch! Meeting that is always there getting paid this could be a very successful model.


The pricing is also very straightforward.

Enrollment Fee – $197 per person. This is a one time fee to get into the system and onboard, and it is charged five days after you sign up.

Late Payments – $10 only after the payment has been removed. They will work on your behalf and contact both the creditors and the credit agencies to get these removed.

Collections, Charge offs, Repossessions, Public Records, or Foreclosures– $50 per item per credit bureau.

If they do have success with working with the client, and we sure hope they do, the cost could be considerable if the client has a lot of baddies on all three of their credit reports. For example, if you’ve had credit problems and have say 25 negative items on each credit report coming out to 75 total, and they delete a combination of 40 public records, charge-offs, and collections, you’re looking at around $2,000 to repair your credit.

This is where it gets a little bit subjective and we do not want to say anything bad about someone paying that much because it could very well be worth it. It all depends on your situation, as well as your risk and reward. Overall this is a very interesting credit repair program.

Credit Repair in NJ

New Jersey is a very diversified state culturally and economically. Believe it or not according to Wikipedia as of 2018, New Jersey was home to the highest number of millionaires per capita in all of the United States.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have residents that may need some help polishing up on their credit.

As they say, bad credit happens to good people. There are about 25, (what we call legit) credit repair companies in New Jersey. And there’s a couple dozen other that we can’t vouch for. This is a work in progress, so as we move along we are going to try to list every single credit repair company in New Jersey.

So what are good metrics for legitimacy?

This is a great question that we get asked often, and sometimes it’s hard to differentiate a real company from a scam. There are many small mom-and-pop operations that are running small credit repair companies out of their home, which is okay.

Especially with what’s going on now in this day and age with social distancing, having office space at home is going to become more the norm.

But there are signs to look for when you’re looking for a good credit repair company.

1. Do they have a history of being in business?

2. Are they registered legally with the state of New Jersey?

3. Can they provide clients with case studies of previous results?

More importantly one of the metrics that we really like to look at, is are they actively marketing? If a company is serious, they will start building their brand. They will also be working on digital marketing.

So how can we see if the company is actively marketing?

While there are several online tools to see if they are actively marketing digitally. AHREF’s, SEM Rush, and Moz are a few.

The sites are great to see a benchmark and birdseye view and profile of the traction that a digital credit repair company has in the online world.

It is one of the factors that we use to gauge trust.

So let’s look at a profile real quick way to give you an example.

In this example, we’re going to take a look at sky blue credit repair through the window (or eyes if you will) of Ahref’s.

Image of Sky Blue Credit metrics from the website AHREFS, showing their domain authority and backlinks

The Metrics Explained

Looking at these metrics very quickly is this a very strong sense of how involved this company getting with online digital marketing.

Ahrefs Rank – Many things going to this algorithm – This metric, in theory, takes all of the websites in the world and ranks them from one until eternity. The lower the number the stronger the site is overall in both authority and trust. Many different things going to this algorithm, and it is of course not an exact science, but it is one that all of us digital marketers and SEO’s use as a benchmark. Sky blue credit is just under 3 million on this metric which is actually really good for a small site in a small niche. It means that they are trusted by Google and they do have some authority in their vertical.

UR | DR – These stand for URL rating and domain rating respectively. These rank websites from 1 being the lowest to 100. Conversely to the AHREF’s rank the higher the better on this metric. The DR is the rating for the main root Url of the homepage. The UR is the rating for interior pages. DR’s in the 60s is actually very respectable. Getting into the 70s and 80s is very difficult. Sky Blue’s DR it’s pretty good again for a small niche website. Whenever gauging any site online it should be over 25, in general, to be able to have trust in it. Of course if the entity your business is brand-new than these rules don’t apply.

Backlinks – This is the number of actual links that are pointing to this domain. So if had 10 different pages from sky-blue credit, and had to links on each page for them, they would get credit for 20 backlinks. In this particular scenario (example), sky-blue credit has over 350,000 backlinks which is really very good for a small company.

Referring Domains – this is not the total number of overall backlinks but the actual root domains that are linking to them. is that one root domain in this example. So we only get counted into this number once. If we had 1000 links pointing back to them that would go into the backlinks section but we would still be counted as one referring domain.

Organic Keywords – this is how many keywords that this company is ranking for on Google. Obviously the more keywords at the ranking for on Google show you that they’re actually working on search engine optimization.

For now, we’re not going to discuss organic traffic or traffic value is not fully relevant for these examples.

And again to be fair these metrics are just a way for us to get a good benchmark of how our company is working online.

You should try to get some sort of tool to see if the company is working on marketing. Because that means you’re serious about being in business. And in most cases means it shows that they are a real legit company trying to build trust while at the same time trying to build a real business.

By the way, the same due diligence should be used when you are deciding to trust a credit repair review company like ours or choosing any online service really.

The companies that we call hit-and-runs, that either may not be legit or are just getting into the space to make quick money and then get out and you never see that company again, are obviously not ones that you want to trust to help you fix and build your credit profile.

We will be adding more New Jersey companies on this list here soon, so please check back often.

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