lexington law deletions

Below see the actual results that Lexington Law has realized for us

See here a complete compilation of Lexington Law deletion letters. Click on the images to see the full letters. Lexington is one of the biggest players in the industry and they know how to get derogatories removed from the 3 credit bureaus. Do you want results? We’ve got them right here. Check out their profile page to see how to get started with Lexington Law Credit Repair.

 Lexington Law clients have seen over 70 million removals on their credit reports since Lexington Law was founded in 2004 

Lexington Law by far is one of the most experienced companies out there online. They have been doing credit repair for many years and they know how to get the job done when it comes to getting derogatory information removed from your credit reports.

Getting these deletions is not an exact science, but it is easier than you think. What you really need to do is be proactive and make sure that you are disputing items that are questionable.

Remember that it is your right by law, to dispute items that you feel are frivolous or not belonging on your file.

The three major credit bureaus sell your information to your potential creditors when you apply for a loan. So it is your right to make sure that the information that they’re providing is 100% accurate.

Lexington Law knows firsthand about how to get items that are derogatory either updated or completely removed from your credit file. See our profile page for Lexington Law.